10 games with the coolest graphics on Android.

The main decoration of any game and a real test for the” hardware ” of the phone is, of course, cool graphics. No matter how cool the gameplay is, absolutely any project will benefit from a realistic picture!

We have selected games with the best graphics for Android in 2021 – this rating is especially for those who want to check the top characteristics of their smartphone in action.

№10 – CarX Drift Racing 2

Download: Google Play

Where a cool picture definitely matters is in racing. Especially if they are dedicated to dynamic drift-style races with roaring engines and smoking tires on the asphalt. CarX Drift Racing 2 will please all lovers of realism – every car here looks like a real one. And this impression is reinforced when it comes to tuning, because you can change not only the details and trim, but even the elements inside the cabin.

Driving also feels real: cars have weight, inertia, driving is influenced by tire pressure, the surface on which you are driving, and many other factors. Most PC races are far from this level of development. Add here a single-player campaign, multiplayer, a variety of tracks, club races and get an almost perfect racing simulator, which is difficult to break away from.

№9 – LifeAfter

Download: Google Play

Without a good project on the topic of the zombie apocalypse, the top games for Android with the best graphics would hardly have taken place. Although LifeAfter in our rating surprises not so much with the quality of the picture, but with the scale of what is happening. The player sees an unprecedented world in its size, which has survived the invasion of the living dead.

You will have to take on the role of one of the survivors, arm yourself and go along the rails of an exciting plot, where you will have to shoot, and ride on various equipment, and even build your own house. The map is full of activities, you can explore the world solo, or you can cooperate with friends. Well, fans of measuring skills with other players will definitely enter the PVP zone. What makes LifeAfter doubly happy is that it’s all free and completely in Russian.

№8 – The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Download: Google Play

The Elder Scrolls is the most popular RPG series with millions of fans around the world. Mobile Blades, of course, is far from epic in terms of numbered parts from older platforms, but with it you can still immerse yourself in your favorite universe while waiting for TES 6. There are really good graphics that are not much inferior to Skyrim: armor and weapons look great, rays of light break through the vaults of dungeons, and magic effectively burns monsters.

As for the gameplay, there are not enough stars from the sky, but you can’t exactly call the game boring. Having created a character for yourself, you will find yourself in a city that has suffered from an invasion. By completing missions and getting resources, you will be able to rebuild it again. Build a forge – cool armor will be available, restore the alchemist’s shop – potions and poisons are at your service. We still have to explore locations, clear dungeons from monsters, and level up the character, which greatly affects the battles with other players in the multiplayer arena. In short, Blades has everything to please fans of the series!

№7 – Sky: Children of the Light

Download: Google Play

If you want a truly atmospheric game on Android with beautiful graphics, then you should definitely try the adventure Sky: Children of the light. It offers a meditative and relaxing journey through a fairyland with pleasant music. Every piece of the game space here, like a painted picture, seems to be an artistic masterpiece. The wind sways the character’s cloak, sand flies from under his feet, huge clouds hang from the sky, and portals lead to other worlds.

From the sand dunes, you can slide down or activate energy and race through the sky. As the game progresses, you will meet a variety of characters telling their little touching stories. Also, you will certainly come across other players with whom you can communicate using gestures, which adds life to this very atmospheric game world.

№6 – Dragon Raja

Download: Google Play

The developers of Dragon Raja decided to create a mobile MMORPG with the best graphics and armed themselves with the Unreal Engine 4 engine for this. Your red-hot smartphone will testify to how well they did it. The world of Dragon Raja turned out to be very beautiful and full of details, including interactive ones. Modern technologies like cars and computers coexist here with typical fantasy elements – swords, magic, dragons.

Like any good role-playing game, Dragon Raja offers a lot of space for creating a character, the development of which is influenced by an interesting karma system – each of your choices during the passage of the plot will give your bonuses. There is something to do here in addition to quests: dungeons, equipment, mounts, pets, buying your own house and even getting married-you definitely will not be bored.

№5 – World of Tanks Blitz

Download: Google Play

World of Tanks is a game whose name is well known to every domestic gamer. And this is the rare case when the mobile version of Blitz turned out to be no less high-quality than the main one. Yes, everything is faster and easier here, but the basic concept has remained unchanged – together with the allied platoon, you need to destroy the enemy, using a rich arsenal of tanks, self-propelled guns and artillery.

Blitz boasts an excellent picture – all the techniques of the game are made in accordance with real prototypes, and you want to admire the battlefields, especially if you set the maximum graphics quality in the settings. The main feature here is still the honed gameplay, where everything depends on your personal skill, teamwork and understanding of the nuances of handling the tank that you have chosen.

№4 – Pascal’s Wager

Download: Google Play

Looking at Pascal’s Wager, you immediately understand what inspired its creators – this is the Dark Souls series familiar to all hardcore fans. The player finds himself in a dark fantasy world in which the sun has gone out, and a strange fog has descended on the earth, breeding monsters and driving people crazy. All the rest of the information about what is happening, as in “souls”, will have to learn from fragments of phrases from mysterious characters, from descriptions of objects and objects.

The gameplay is again in the spirit of the series. Explore gloomy locations, save by local bonfires that look like stone eggs, fight monsters and, of course, kill spectacular bosses. It is impossible not to note the design of monsters and, in general, very beautiful graphics with a touch of Victorian aesthetics. On the ultra-settings, Pascal’s Wager looks just phenomenal, no wonder this game was ported to the PC immediately after its release on Android.

№3 – Genshin Impact

Download: Google Play


Even among the best games for the phone with good graphics, Genshin Impact should be singled out separately. At least for the beauty of the grandiose open world, in which there was a place for green fields, snowy mountains, European castles and stunning oriental temples. But no less beautiful locations succeeded cartoon anime characters, the study of which is just nice to watch.

For collecting characters, the “gacha” system is screwed to the game, if you want a specific hero or heroine, spin the roulette for special resources and hope for luck. The combat system in action-adventure games is usually far from the first place, but not in Genshin Impact. During the battles, you need to switch between four heroes at once and combine several different elements together to clean up monsters with maximum efficiency.

№2 – GRID Autosport

Download: Google Play

Many realistic games on Android simply fade against the background of the GRID Autosport car simulator. This project will allow you to build a career of a real racing driver, drive one of hundreds of licensed cars and rush along the same number of race tracks. Under the wheels of your iron horse will be the streets of the city, stadiums for Formula 1 races, drift grounds and much more.

The developers have found an excellent balance between the arcade and a full-fledged simulator, so that in any race you will feel all the charms of driving physics, but not so much that it starts to strain. And what a picture here. The cars look like in the photos, the weather effects are alive, and among the scenery on the tracks you can see the audience, operators and staff in all their glory. But the coolest thing is the multiplayer races with live opponents-we recommend you to try it.

№1 – Call of Duty: Mobile

Download: Google Play

If anyone deserves the main prize in the best graphics in Android games category, it’s CoD: Mobile. The famous series of shooters always pleases fans with a top picture, and the mobile version is no exception. Sparkling shootouts in realistic scenery using dozens of types of advanced weapons will leave few people indifferent.

Absolutely every player will be able to find a mode to their liking. Classic arenas in the 5 by 5 format-please. Shooting zombies with friends for survival? And there will be such a thing. Or maybe you want to try out a full-fledged royal battle for 100 players? Easy! The reward for a successful game will be rating points, weapons, equipment, beautiful skins and other buns that motivate you to continue and improve. Given the regular updates, you can play COD: Mobile for years, it just can’t get bored.

These were the best games with cool graphics on Android. Not every smartphone will pull them, but the owners of sufficiently powerful devices will definitely appreciate these projects.

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