10 Proven settings that greatly increase Battery life of Android phones

10 Proven settings that greatly increase Battery life of Android phones

People who immediately started using touchscreen smartphones find it morally easier: for them, 1-2 days of gadget operation without recharging is an absolutely normal indicator. But if you caught the time of push-button phones that did not need an outlet for weeks, then you probably recall those bright times with nostalgia, when you put your smartphone to charge again.

To ease that pain, we’ve put together tips on how to properly set up Android to maximize the battery life of any phone.

Lock screen notifications

Display backlighting is the main consumer of battery power, and the most unobvious feature that consumes energy is displaying notifications on the locked screen. In most cases, the thing is absolutely useless, since the device comes out of standby mode, and we don’t even see it.

Ideally, you should disable the display of notifications on the locked screen completely:

Or leave it only in instant messengers, notifications from which are really needed.

Vibration and sound

Sound and vibration when pressing the buttons of the virtual keyboard , or opening menu items are not needed. Leave only the basic: the sound of calls, alarms, and received notifications from instant messengers, and vibration, in order to extend the battery life of the device, it is better to turn off wherever possible.

Correct brightness

The brighter the screen backlight works, the faster the battery will melt. Many people constantly use the backlight at maximum, despite the fact that it is needed only on a sunny day. This is not only detrimental to autonomy, but also harms the eyes.

By the way, the auto brightness function, if you remember to adjust it manually, it makes sense to turn it off – the constant operation of the light sensor also consumes the battery.

Display auto-lock speed

In addition to the previous point. If you often unlock your smartphone (for example, to answer in a messenger) and then forget to lock it, set the minimum time for auto-locking the screen, so the charge will be spent much less.

Reasonable use of communication modules

Geolocation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile Internet – all these modules seriously reduce battery consumption (except perhaps the energy efficient Bluetooth 5.0 ). And in practice, they are not always needed. So make it a habit to keep your wireless interfaces disabled, and use them only when necessary.


In addition to the screen, the battery also consumes the processor, which can be loaded with unnecessary things like rendering interface animations. If you have an old or not very productive smartphone, turning them off will not only improve autonomy, but also have a positive effect on system performance.

Disable auto-updates for apps

Apps are not updated every day, but any smartphone often goes online to check for updates. Therefore, it makes sense to disable auto-update, and periodically update the software manually. This will save battery power, bandwidth and device memory.

Go to the Play Store – Settings – General (main) – Auto – update applications , and select “Never”.

Power saving mode

A banal, but working way, the effectiveness of which was taken care of by the manufacturer himself. apuskaetsya in Settings – Power and performance ( battery ), or directly from the top curtain on most devices.

How power saving mode works depends on your smartphone. For example, Samsungs limit internet speed, screen brightness and processor frequency. It wins a few tens of minutes of work on the remaining charge.

Airplane mode

The most drastic battery saving method. If you only need a smartphone for Wi-Fi, and you are not expecting calls, we activate the flight mode. To do this, go to Settings , then to Connection and Sharing , or click on the airplane icon, opening the top curtain on the desktop. 

Of course, these settings limit the functionality of a modern smartphone and should not be constantly applied. But if you need to stretch the charge as much as possible in certain situations, all of the above methods really work.

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