15 secrets and tricks of State of Survival. A useful guide for beginners!

State of Survival

State of Survival is a cool mobile strategy game with RPG elements set in a zombie apocalypse. Its popularity is due to the addicting gameplay with a lot of different nuances and tricks, knowing which it will be much easier for you to achieve success. Interested? Then read our article, which contains the most important secrets and tricks of the State of Survival game.

State of Surival Guide

Be online as often as possible. This is a very important point. As in any grindilka, in State Of Surivial you become stronger over time, collecting resources, developing your army and pumping heroes. The more time you spend in the game, the faster you will progress.

Even if you have no time to play, it is useful to open SoS on your Android smartphone once a day. Every day, the player is given a reward for the first entry, and at the same time his VIP status is swinging. For each level, different bonuses are given: bonuses to resource extraction, acceleration of construction time, etc.

Use a builder regularly. By default, each player has only one builder, which is better not to be idle. You can get the second one forever exclusively by donation. Let’s face it – the purchase is worthwhile, and if you want to seriously get stuck in the game, it makes sense to spend money. You can pay 200 biocapsules (in-game currency) to get a second builder for 48 hours and understand whether it is worth donating or not.

Try to constantly give your builder some task. Build new buildings or develop old ones.

Summon infantry only after level 7 . At first, don’t waste precious resources on summoning soldiers. First, pump the main building to level 7, and then pay attention to the barracks, garage and training ground. After that, you can start summoning the coolest foot soldiers.

Develop buildings evenly. After lvl 7, it makes no sense to pay your attention and spend all resources only on the headquarters. In the game, all buildings are interconnected, so to improve one building you may need a certain level of another. Insure yourself against an unpleasant situation and try to develop buildings evenly.

Explore wild lands constantly. Having created the infantrymen, let them not sit idle. You can send them on assignments, while you yourself in this time do other things. Soldiers will perform them automatically. And at the end of the mission, they will delight you with valuable resources that can be spent on improving the camp. According to many players, this is the best way to farm resources.

At the same time, we do not recommend sending the entire detachment to one point. It is better to split it into two or three small groups and send them for resources in parallel. This way you will get a lot more loot in less time.

Take the exploration trail. For example, while your infantry is engaged in mining. This is the main Story Campaign, which can be entered through the Heroes Base – the Survey section. For completing each mission, you will receive valuable rewards: experience, items for heroes, as well as their fragments. With the help of the latter, you can increase the level of the character, making him even stronger.

Don’t forget about finding heroes . This is another way to get a Hero Shard, which is available for free several times a day. This action can be performed daily in the main building. There is “Advanced Search” and “Legendary Search”. But fragments do not always come across, textbooks for leveling up, boosters and other items often fall out.

Keep training camp up to date . This way you can increase the maximum number of infantrymen who are trained at one time, and also speed up the process.

Find an alliance (guild). By becoming a member of the union, you can significantly accelerate your development. Go through unique events (tank, advisor trap) that are not available in single player mode, exchange resources with other players and get prizes. In addition, guild members can help each other in the construction of buildings, receiving rewards for this. The importance of the Alliance Store cannot be overemphasized, where you can buy important items to speed up queues, power up heroes, etc.

Another trump card of alliance members in front of lone players is the ability to build alongside allies. So you will be protected from raids of enemies who will not dare to attack a densely populated settlement.

Use the talent tree correctly. Here you will find two paths of development: war and economics. You should choose on the basis of what style you adhere to. If you prefer to earn resources exclusively by mining, choose the economy. If it seems boring to you, and you prefer juicy cuts, download the military branch. This will increase your chances of winning the battle.

At first, we advise everyone to pump the economy. It will be easier to develop this way. A little later, you will be able to reset talents and download the military branch if you want to play more drive.

Follow the daily quests. As in many mobile games in State of Survival, do not forget about daily events. These are simple missions that are updated every day, for which you will receive prizes.

Don’t forget about events (temporary events). Another way to get valuable resources, including hero shards. They are different and pass periodically. For example, the “Hunt the Hunter” event gives you the opportunity to collect Travis’s shards, and the “Fastest Survive” event allows you to get Nikola’s fragments.

Check your backpack. All items that you will receive for completing tasks will be added to your inventory. So, check it out if you forgot to use some important item. For example, a capsule with experience for a hero or time acceleration. The first will help you pump your character faster, and the second will take less time to build a building or create infantry.

We recommend using resource boosts as a last resort. At the beginning of the game, it’s generally better to forget about them, since the amount of resources needed to improve is easy to get. But when you reach a certain level and find that each upgrade is very expensive, then they will come in handy.

Attack other players. This advice will not work for beginners, it is more designed for those who have already more or less developed, since at first it is almost impossible to assess the strength of the enemy camp.

If you have a powerful enough squad and several strong heroes under your control, attack other players. We advise you to look for those who are not in the union, it is easier to defeat such people. This is a very risky way to farm resources, but it also rewards generously. If you are afraid, you can call your guildmates for help.

Troops State Of Survival

There are three main types of troops in the game: infantry , hunters , riders . You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them in order to understand what situations they are suitable for.

Infantry . Soldiers of this type are divided into two types: arrows and shield bearers . The former are good against vehicles , as they inflict increased damage on them. Shield bearers, on the other hand , are great in battles against hunters , since they receive little damage from them.

Hunters . They, in turn, are also divided into two types: archers and snipers . The former perfectly mow down the infantry , the latter inflict increased damage on riders .

The last species are riders . There are two subspecies: bikers and ATVs . The former are great at dealing with hunters , and the latter with infantry .

Best State of Survival Heroes

Each hero has his own unique skills that determine his usefulness and strength. In addition, like soldiers, characters are distributed according to the type of troops: rider, hunter, infantry. It is not difficult to guess that it is worth using them in accordance with this. For example, an infantry hero should not be placed on the same battlefield as hunter soldiers.

Now let’s talk about the coolest characters that you should try to collect in the first place:

Sergeant . This hunter character is given at the very start of the game, and remains relevant for a long time. The main feature is the machine gun ability. Thanks to her, the Sergeant can place an additional weapon on the battlefield, increasing your firepower.

Travis . This rider is undoubtedly one of the strongest heroes. It increases attack, defense, lethality against zombies for all riders, the speed of troops in a campaign in the wild, as well as the use of endurance. In addition, it is quite easy to get, since the “Hunt for the Hunter” event takes place regularly.

Grow up . A very solid infantryman. It has a large amount of health, so it can stay on the battlefield for a long time, and due to its unique ability, it reduces incoming damage for every 10% of health that is missing.

Nikola . Collecting this character is difficult, since its fragments drop out in the event “The Fastest Will Survive”. However, don’t hesitate – it’s worth it. Like the Sergeant, he can put the “Tesla Tower” on the battlefield, which inflicts periodic damage on enemies.

Maddy and Frank . An important character that can be collected for free. Belongs to the type of riders. It is unique due to the fact that it has a unique companion – a dog. She, like the mistress, knows how to inflict damage and is very useful in battle.

The best bundles in State of Survival

In many situations, including when going through the aforementioned path of exploration, you will need a bundle of heroes. If you combine the right characters, the chances that they will cope with the enemies will be much higher. Here are some of the top bundles:

Sergeant, Rusty and the Ghost . Great trio. The Ghost places barrels that prevent enemies from passing, Rusty at this time shoots them with his shotgun from close range, and the Sergeant works with a rifle from a distance. Great for clearing out zombies and other enemies.

Miho, Mike and Corporal Jonas P. Wolfe. This team is suitable for bosses, since its main strength is dealing damage to one target. The corporal keeps the enemy at a distance, Miho reduces his damage resistance, allowing Mike to inflict a huge amount of demage.

Dr. Trisha Rangan, Zoe, Ray and Rolex. A team balanced on all fronts. It combines all useful skills: healing, slowing down, high area damage and stun. Due to this, this trio is suitable for any task and that is why many players consider it to be the best for traversing the path of exploration.

Our little guide to the State of Survival game has come to an end. If you still have questions or we forgot some useful advice – write about it in the comments. And finally, never use cheats and mods. With them, you will get much less pleasure from the game, and you will most likely get a ban.

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