4 things that kill your smartphone battery

4 things that kill your smartphone battery

4 things that kill your smartphone battery

Most modern smartphones are reliable enough to function for years without problems. But most often the gadgets are let down by the battery, the capacity of which gradually decreases over time. And many owners unwittingly help her in this. Let’s talk about 4 things that kill your smartphone battery.


Too high or low temperatures are the worst enemy for your smartphone’s battery. You’ve probably seen how quickly the percentage of the charge drops in the cold, and the gadget can turn off, even if the mark shows more than 20%. Low temperatures slow down the chemical processes in lithium-ion batteries, and this negatively affects their performance.

If you can’t get away from using the phone in winter, then we can influence the effect of increased temperature. With regular overheating, batteries rapidly lose their maximum capacity, high temperatures for them are even worse than cold. Do not leave your smart phone under the scorching sun on a car dashboard, and if you play for a long time, remove the device from the case. It is worth remembering that excessive heating can even lead to a fire in the device. Be careful.

Using a charging smartphone

This item is directly related to the previous one. Checking the time or launching a podcast on your phone while charging is okay. Problems start when you overload the gadget, often playing games. Modern fast charging by itself heats up the battery very much, and if you add games, the temperature of the battery easily exceeds 40 degrees, which dramatically accelerates the wear of the electrolyte. If you play several times while charging, nothing fatal will happen. But if you do this regularly, in the long term, the autonomy of the smartphone will drain much faster.

Poor chargers

The temptation to save money is always great. Why pay extra for a certified charger when you can order a similar one from AliExpress for a penny. All the same, the connector is the same, and it will charge normally. No matter how it is. You will never know what defects may be hidden in cheap charging from an unknown manufacturer until they ruin your battery or smartphone. Don’t take risks lest you spend ten times more than you saved. And if you order chargers on Ali, choose trusted brands – Anker, Xiaomi, Ugreen, etc.

Discharging the smartphone to zero

There are so many myths piled up around how to properly and incorrectly charge a smartphone that you can’t figure it out without experts. Two theories are most popular. One says that it is better to discharge the battery to zero, while the other asserts exactly the opposite – it is not worth allowing a complete discharge in any case. The first is an unambiguous myth, and its roots can even be easily established. These are old nickel-cadmium batteries, the capacity of which decreased when the smartphone was not fully discharged.

Now such batteries are not used, there are lithium-ion batteries everywhere. And it’s better not to discharge them to zero. The capacity of such batteries gradually decreases with each complete charge-discharge cycle. This process is inevitable, but it will slow down if you do not discharge the smartphone to zero, but connect it to the outlet by at least 20%. At least this is evidenced by numerous studies, repeatedly tested in practice.

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