5 cheapest phones with AMOLED display Choosing the best

5 cheapest phones with AMOLED display Choosing the best

5 cheapest phones with AMOLED display Choosing the best

OLED displays were once the prerogative of flagship models, but now manufacturers put them in mid-budget and even inexpensive phones. Such screens show a richer, more contrasting picture, and it is not the autonomy of the device that has a positive effect, for which they are appreciated by many users.

We studied the market and selected the cheapest smartphones with AMOLED screens for you. It turned out 5 models that are worth paying attention to – let’s choose the best of them.

Honor 30i

Price: from 13 480 rubles.

The most affordable AMOLED device among the current models in 2021 is the Honor 30i. The display is very decent, with FullHD + resolution and a built-in fingerprint scanner. Inside is the proven Kirin 710 processor, which the Chinese have been using for several years in a row. Of course, the new Qualcomm chips are preferable for many, but the performance of the 710 is still enough for any tasks, and the shell for this hardware from Huawei is optimized almost perfectly – the interface flies.

The battery here is 4000 mAh, it is enough for two days of work on a single charge. A 48 + 8 + 2 MP camera is responsible for photos, and of the nice features, we note the presence of NFC and a separate slot for a MicroSD card. Which allows you to expand a very good for this segment 128 GB of internal memory. It would seem to be the ideal budget smart, but it is worth remembering that the Honor 30i lacks support for Google services and applications. You will have to use analogues from Huawei, and install some applications through apk-files, although some 30i owners do not see this as any problem.

Samsung Galaxy M21

  • Price: from 14 420 rubles.

For just a little extra, you can take the Samsung Galaxy M21, and for the average user this is a much more preferable option. First, Google services are fine here. Secondly, the M21 has a trump card, which has nothing to cover – it is a huge 6000 mAh battery, with which the smart lives for three, and with economical use all four days without an outlet.

In terms of cameras, it is approximate parity, and the difference is the location of the fingerprint scanner – in the M21 it is not built into the screen, but is located on the back, which does not look so cool, but in practice it is corny more convenient and faster. In general, this is a very solid inexpensive phone, you can only find fault with the unprepossessing design with a flimsy plastic back cover, but the problem is solved by buying a protective glass for a couple of hundred rubles. Recommended.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Price: from 16 537 rubles

In the 15-20 thousand segment, Samsung has different models – A31, A41 and others, but there is no point in buying them, the M21 is banally better in terms of basic qualities. Next, you should take a closer look at the Galaxy A51 – this is one of the most popular smartphones in Russia in 2020. Once it officially cost 16 thousand, but now such prices have remained only on the gray market, in retail the bestseller is sold for a little more than 20 thousand.

For that kind of money, we get a smartphone that in many ways repeats the Galaxy M21, but more elegant. The devices have the same chips – Exynos 9611, 4/64 GB of memory in the basic version, 48 MP cameras and everywhere there is NFC. And the “elegance” of the A51 lies in a more modern design: its front camera is integrated into the hole inside the screen, the lens unit on the back repeats the flagship models of the brand, and the plastic body is disguised as glass. However, here you have to choose between beauty and increased autonomy, since the battery in the A51 is only 4000 mAh.

vivo V20 SE

Price: from 19 990 rubles

A novelty from Vivo, for which we have many questions. First – why does a smartphone on an old Snapdragon 665 need as many as 8 gigs of RAM? Moreover, this memory is slow – 5500 MB / s, which is on average two times lower than that of competitors. It would be better to put 4 GB of modern RAM, and not splurge on customers. Also disappointing is the lack of an ultra-wide-angle lens in a smartphone for 20 thousand, two of the three main camera modules with a resolution of 2 megapixels are in fact useless here.

Undemanding people buy this smart for the sake of a pretty design. Unlike most devices of comparable price, it is made of glass, and the back has a tactilely pleasant matte surface. The 6.4-inch AMOLED screen itself received a FullHD + resolution and a built-in fingerprint scanner, it has good color reproduction, but there are problems with PWM – the DC Dimming function is not provided here, which can cause eye pain for sensitive users. We would advise you to refrain from purchasing the Vivo V20 SE, in all respects this model pales against the background of its competitors.

Realme 7 Pro

Price: from 22 973 rubles

The most advanced phone with an Amoled screen among the relatively inexpensive devices is the Realme 7 Pro. Of course, the price tag of 25 thousand in official retail cannot be called cheap, but from time to time you can catch it by shares, and for 20 cash you get a smart one with decent hardware and cool flagship chips.

Inside is an excellent Snapdragon 720 chip, 8/128 GB of fast memory, a decent 64 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP wide quad camera, NFC, powerful stereo speakers, and a 4500 mAh battery. The most important feature of this phone is its 65W reactive charging, which is able to charge it from 0 to 100% in 34 minutes. This is an outstanding figure that is not available for most modern flagships. The only drawbacks are the plastic case and poor sound quality during video recording: Vivo has done something with noise reduction, which is why the sound on the video is barely audible, but this problem should be solved with updates.

How do you like these phones? Write in the comments which affordable smart with AMOLED screen you would choose for yourself, and what interesting models we forgot to mention.

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