7 functions of old mobile phones that modern smartphones lack

In terms of functionality, the old push-button phones that existed before the beginning of the “tenths” are much inferior to modern smartphones. However, they had a lot of useful features that current devices do not have.

Below are 7 such chips. And don’t say that you would refuse them in your Xiaomi or Samsung Galaxy.

1. Replaceable battery

Probably the most important utility that is missing today. A replaceable battery is good because you can replace it yourself if the old one goes bad, and do not waste time and money on this service in the service.

You could also carry a spare battery with you to put it on when the main one runs out. Taking into account the fact that the old phones quietly kept the charge for weeks, there were no problems with autonomy from the word at all.

2. Camera protection

One more useful feature that should be adopted by modern manufacturers. Now gadgets have several cameras with a bunch of megapixels, but their lenses are usually not protected by anything.

A simple plug in place of the camera, which, if necessary, shifts in a second, allowed you to carry the phone in your pocket/bag with anything — keys, small change-without being afraid of scratching.

3. Fastening for a shoelace

On a cord, the phone could be hung around the neck, wrapped around the arm, or fixed to something in a suspended state.

This is undoubtedly convenient. However, now such a feature is no longer so relevant: smartphones have become larger and heavier, you can no longer wear them around your neck, and there are cases with straps for those who want to.

4. Replaceable housing

Previously, there were either no phone cases at all, or there were, but only for some models, and in very limited quantities.

But for some phones (especially Nokia), replaceable panels with different colors and patterns were produced. So you could update the” appearance ” of the phone, or throw away the old panel if it was damaged.

5. Coaxial connector for the antenna

The connector was needed to connect an external antenna to it, and to strengthen the reception of the cellular signal.

Earlier, when the coverage of operators was not so dense-the connection could end or deteriorate greatly if you left the city, so such connectors were really useful. Now they could also be useful for people who are leaving far from civilization. In the same villages, the mobile Internet does not catch everywhere.

6. Mirror

There was a relatively short period when the phones already had rear cameras, but there were no front-facing cameras yet. And to make comfortable selfies, some gadgets had mirrors placed on the back, next to the lens.

Now some manufacturers practice such a trick, only they put not a mirror on the back, but small additional screens. This allows you to take the highest quality selfies on the main camera.

7. Convenient sizes

A large display on which you can watch videos, read and play is, of course, cool. But it is almost impossible to control such a smartphone with one hand.

Now a gadget with a diagonal of less than 6 inches is considered compact — and this is even if you can find one on sale: manufacturers make them, but in a small assortment. And in vain: there would certainly be buyers for smartphones with screens of ~5 inches — not everyone needs a shovel.

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