A setting that removes slow down on Android phones

slow down on Android phones

If you have an old or very budget Android phone that slows down during work, and the situation is not corrected by either cleaning the memory or removing unnecessary applications, one little-known but effective setting can help.

It’s about disabling interface animations. They interfere with the normal operation of the gadget, since the display of beautiful transitions takes a lot of system resources.

Android phone slows down – what to do?

  • First of all, we activate access to the settings for developers . This option is hidden deeper: first you need to go to the main settings menu, then to the information about the phone, and quickly click on the firmware version 5 times:
  • If everything is done correctly, the message “ You have become a developer! “. You do not need to click further, the next time you press it, the system will simply display the inscription “You are already a developer”:
  • Now in the settings menu (in general, or in the “Advanced”) you will find a new section “For developers”:
  • We go in and scroll the page until 3 items with animation appear, they are usually at the very bottom of the list:
  • And turn off absolutely all animations:

Done. Now all transitions in the interface will occur instantly, without rendering smooth animations, which often lag on weak smartphones. In the first minutes after changing the settings, it can be striking, but you get used to it pretty quickly and the phone starts to seem more nimble.

Of course, disabling animation does not always save you. Weak smartphones usually have a whole range of problems with clogged memory, lack of RAM and optimization. Therefore, the following tips will help to unload and slightly speed up the device: 

  • Do not fill the vault completely . Android requires a certain amount of free memory ( preferably 1-2 GB for normal operation . If it is not enough, the OS will compress part of the system data, which will seriously affect the operation of the smartphone.
  • e keep many applications running in the background . For example, social networks can consume 200+ MB of RAM while working in the background. If your device has a lot of memory – it is imperceptible, but if -2 GB – is palpable. It is better to put a lock only on applications like instant messengers, from where important notifications should come, and periodically clean up the rest of the unused software in the multitasking manager .
  • About granichte number of programs in the background . This is done in the Developer Menu, next to the animations. The setting cuts multitasking, but allows you to win in speed on older phones with a lack of RAM. If the device has 1-2 GB of RAM, background work should be limited to 4-5 applications.
  • Use “fast” flash drives . Memory cards have different read / write speeds. The cheapest flash drives have it lower than the speed of the phone’s internal memory, and when large amounts of data are taken from there (copying or playing music, video), the device starts to slow down. Buy flash drives Class10 and higher, they cost slightly more, but the difference in usage is big.
  • Don’t update. It’s nice to get new features with software updates, but often weak devices lose performance with every fresh version of Android. The reason is on the surface – new versions of the OS are designed for the latest models of devices with more powerful hardware. Therefore, if an old device is working fine, it makes sense to carefully approach updates: not only Android, but also applications that are important to you. In order not to change the stability of work for some functions that may well turn out to be unclaimed.
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