Best English TV series Movies: 15 masterpieces worth watching

Best English TV series Movies: 15 masterpieces worth watching

15 Best English TV series Movies worth watching

Connoisseurs of TV series often note that fewer and fewer interesting projects appear in Hollywood, and real gems should be looked for in other countries. Britain is mentioned especially often. Indeed, any genre of the islanders often looks much more interesting: comedies are more sarcastic, thrillers are more intense, dramas are more exciting and intellectual.

Today we’ll talk about the best English TV series for 2021 – maybe something worthwhile passed you by and this situation needs to be urgently corrected? We present to your attention a rating of the most interesting projects.

British TV series: TOP 15 best

# 15 – Good Signs

  • Film Search: 7.8
  • IMDB: 8.1

The Good Omens is an adaptation of Neil Geynman’s novel of the same name with an amazing cast. The mini-series format allows you to swallow all 6 episodes in a couple of evenings, so if you have a free weekend, it makes sense to spend it on this particular story. The famously twisted plot is built with respect to the literary source, and Bible scholars will find a lot of delicate Easter eggs here. The duo, consisting of an angel and a demon, is trying to prevent the end of the world due to the fact that they have already managed to get used to life on Earth – sounds like a good start for a hilarious story that from time to time prompts the viewer to think hard.

# 14 – The Last Kingdom

  • Film Search: 7.8
  • IMDB: 8.4

A good historical project with a number of free assumptions of the author’s group, a fascinating plot and gorgeous landscapes of real, not postcard Britain. The struggle of the local population with the Vikings is one of the main pages in the history of the island, which allowed the fragmented tribes to realize themselves as a single nation. The battle scenes deserve special praise – even the most high-budget franchises often sin with a weak staging of fights, and the directors are trying to hide this disappointing fact behind a mountain of special effects – in the Last Kingdom everything is adult. The dark but melodic soundtrack creates a depressing atmosphere and keeps the viewer in suspense for each episode. A chic British TV series that looks a breeze.

№ 13 – Utopia

  • Film Search: 7.7
  • IMDB: 8.4

When in the list of genres to which the work belongs, the detective and thriller are immediately followed by comedy – the thing in front of us is certainly unusual. Utopia confirms this rule – five geeks fall into the hands of a comic strip, which, by coincidence, is hunted by a secret organization. So now this organization is hunting for the five lucky ones!

The project was shot in a very original way, from the colors to the camera angles and staging of the most impressive scenes, such as murders. Of the minuses, viewers often note in places the sluggish development of the plot, although at other moments it flies like a swift locomotive right at you. “Utopia” is recommended for viewing by people over 18 years old, so it’s still not worth watching with children – there is enough violence and cruelty here.

# 12 – Taboo

  • Film Search: 7.7
  • IMDB: 8.4

For many of our readers, especially women, the fact that Tom Hardy occupies about half of the time here will be enough. But the series is interesting not only for the brutal charismatic starring. “Taboo” tells the story of an adventurer who intends to build his trading empire and challenges not just anyone, but the East India Company – for several centuries it was a much more important and major political player than any of the states then existing.

The streets of London at the beginning of the 19th century are depicted in such detail and unattractiveness that immersion in the world of Taboo happens at lightning speed. If the plot sags from time to time, then you can’t dig into the visual component: costumes, decorations, make-up – everything is done at the highest level. The second season is still in production, so this story is not yet complete. However, the top English TV series could not do without such an original project.

No. 11 – Luther

  • Film Search: 8.0
  • IMDB: 8.5

English detective series are unlike any other – still, after all, the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes. But “Luther” stands out even against the background of the luminaries of the genre – for a start, the killer is almost always known from the first shots. Also, there is no place for some classic crimes – the detective deals only with the most difficult cases, which at first glance cannot be approached.

The personality of the protagonist and its development against the background of the current events is no less interesting than the crimes and attempts to solve them. After a couple of episodes you begin to root for Luther and sincerely worry – Idris Elba is incomparable in this role, his career, which is rapidly gaining momentum in recent years, is largely due to this particular project. In ten years, four seasons of 4-6 episodes were released, so in a couple of weeks you will probably master the whole story.

# 10 – Rubbish

  • Film Search: 8.2
  • IMDB: 8.8

“Rubbish” is a series that grew out of a one-man show by its creator, and conquered not only Britain, for which what is depicted on the screen is a mockery of the life of the inhabitants of the island, but the whole world. This is what Sex in the City would look like if it was filmed in England – no girlfriends, handbags or louboutins. Only hardcore, sexual preoccupation and tender love for their vices, sorrows and failures. The manner of the operator’s work, allowing you to experience a real effect of presence, and the incredible charisma of the main character, induce many to reconsider the switching of this devil in a skirt several times.

# 9 – Patrick Melrose

  • Film Search: 7.6
  • IMDB: 8.1

The rating of the best English TV series continues the story of an alcoholic aristocrat who spent all the years of growing up to withstand the tyranny of his father and get into the high society, and as soon as he succeeded, he devoted himself to the business that he really liked – self-destruction. The mini-series is based on the novel of the same name by Edward St. Obin, and the creators did not think for a second on the leading actor and wrote the script right after Benedict Cumberbatch. Filmed expensively and effectively, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that you don’t follow the plot too much when they demonstrate another spectacular plan with the participation of the main character.

No. 8 – Golyak

  • Film Search: 8.6
  • IMDB: 8.3

If we talk about new English TV series, 2021 was a successful year for “Golyak”, which also occurs in Russian translation as “Without a Penny.” Usually the action of all British crime stories takes place on the outskirts of London, but here the plot unfolds in the vast expanses of the English countryside, and the petty crimes of the main characters coexist with endless tricks and comic situations. Not the most dirty actors allow you to believe in what is happening – in many ways their life resembles the fate of Russian peers living outside the cities with a population of over one million. This is a cool series about hooligans, which will go to all fans of Guy Ritchie’s work.

No. 7 – Crown

  • Film Search: 8.3
  • IMDB: 8.7

The life story of Queen Elizabeth II, awarded seven golden globes. A gigantic project, for the filming of which the BBC has attracted nearly a thousand actors and just an immense number of support staff. At the moment, six seasons have been released, but “The Crown” is in no hurry to end – no one has ever approached the story of the life of one particular person in historical series with such care. Those who are interested in the life of the royal family and those who are greedy for behind-the-scenes political games or beautiful love stories will find something for themselves here.

# 6 – Peaky Blinders

  • Film Search: 8.4
  • IMDB: 8.8

British answer to The Sopranos in a retro style. After the release of the first season, hats, which we call driver’s caps, have grown in sales literally all over the world – such popular fame is worth a lot. Port Birmingham after the First World War is a place where it is better not to go, but if fate decreed so, you should stick to your family, whatever the cost. The Shelby family has well understood this simple truth, and the blades sewn into the visor help them pave the way to a brighter future. The play of Cillian Murphy is worth a separate mention – he is great here.

# 5 – Downton Abbey

  • Film Search: 8.4
  • IMDB: 8.7

Downton Abbey is a must have for anyone looking for the best English TV series about old England. The blissful times, when blue-blooded Britons were interested only in wine, horses and hunting dogs, will charm even the most cynical realist. But not a single fairy tale – the fate of one estate and a family of aristocrats fits into the history of a whole decade at the beginning of the 20th century. It starts at the moment of the Titanic crash and runs like a red thread through all the horrors of the World War, the loss of the dominant position of the aristocracy and other key milestones in the life of the country. Three golden globes and a resounding success around the world are enough reason to place the Abbey in the best TV series in England.

# 5 – Doctor Who

  • Film Search: 8.7
  • IMDB: 8.6

The cult franchise, which started back in 1963, and in 2005 received a restart, which is still being released – 12 new seasons were released. An alien humanoid in human form does not pay attention to time and space – thanks to a vintage police box from the middle of the last century, which is also a spaceship, the Doctor, in the company of his comrades, is in time everywhere. Today he solves the riddles of the past, and in the next episode he saves the fate of the universe, engaging in a battle with space villains. If you are not a fan of the genre, the show may seem boring and old-fashioned, but this is the whole point of one of the most popular sci-fi works in the history of television.

# 3 – Black’s Bookstore

  • Film Search: 8.2
  • IMDB: 8.0

Old English comedy series do not become obsolete even two decades later, which nicely sets them apart from Hollywood or Russian production. An elementary tie – the owner and seller in a tiny bookstore is the most unfit for this role in the world: a cynic-selfish who constantly drinks and hates visitors. How much the scriptwriters were able to extract from this simple plot is incomprehensible to the mind. If you want to have a good laugh, we recommend you skip ahead to watch it – this is an exemplary example of English humor.

# 2 – Black mirror

  • Film Search: 8.5
  • IMDB: 8.8

Highly rated UK TV shows are often deceiving. They are not as popular as their American competitors, and therefore the ratings are much less and often they are overestimated, since convinced admirers of a particular product give points. But with the iconic “Black Mirror” everything is different. The franchise has become a hit and a real revelation for viewers all over the world. Each episode here is a separate film that subtly reveals the problems of modern society or the world order in the near future. All filmed very high quality and intellectually British. Watching the series will definitely add to you those that you should think carefully about and form your own view of them – the selection of questions here is gorgeous.

# 1 – Sherlock

  • Film Search: 8.9
  • IMDB: 9.1

The list of the best English TV series has come to an end. You didn’t doubt that Sherlock would come first, did you? A modern story about a genius detective who appeared in the form of a neurotic and slender character, skillfully played by Cumberbatch, has long acquired the status of a cult. Even in Russia, she is shown on television no less often than Sherlock and Livanov, and that means something.

Brilliant actors, a lot of know-how in the work of cinematographers and editors, intricate puzzles and a great soundtrack – what else do you need to have a great evening? The best British TV shows of recent years are often not inferior in budgets to their American counterparts, but even against their background, Sherlock, released 10 years ago, looks like something innovative and incredibly high quality. We really hope that the project will still be resurrected and we will see the continuation of the story about the adventures of the legendary detective.

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