Can my phone get spoil through playing games

Can my phone get spoil through playing games

Does the phone spoil by playing games

“ Do not play a lot, otherwise you’ll put a picture tube ” – those who are over 25-30 years old still remember how they were forbidden to play a console in childhood under this pretext. Only now do you realize how far from reality it was. And even if the TV system with a picture tube – the one on which cats could bask – was really not the most durable, but it was not worth exaggerating either. Moreover, LCD screens quickly became quite affordable and many could afford them. And those who still have CRT TVs, they still work fine and the set-top box did not harm them in any way. Of course, these are all jokes, but now I want to answer a new question of our time – do games spoil the smartphone?

Games for phones

On our site, we often prepare a selection of the most interesting games that you can download to your smartphone. They are collected by genre, style, value, or simply summarize all the best that was in the industry for a certain period. But what if we mess up our smartphones with these games? What if now we are playing carefree, and in a year or two the gadget “turns into a pumpkin” ? In fact, there is some truth in this, so read the article to the end and you will understand whether it is worth playing on a smartphone or it is better to bypass this matter.

Is it harmful to play on the phone

The phone is very hot. Is it dangerous?

Many have noticed that during the passage of some serious games with graphics and animation, the smartphone gets very hot . This happens for at least two reasons. First, the internal components are under stress and generate a lot of heat during operation in this mode. This is fine, but in desktops and laptops, you can combat this by installing a fan. There is simply no place for it in smartphones.

There are gaming models with all sorts of tubes to dissipate this heat, or even separate accessories with a fan, but all this is not for ordinary people, but for fierce gamers.

The second reason for heating is the battery. He also experiences serious loads, as he is constantly in charging mode, even if it is written that he is 100% full. These two types of heating complement each other and only reinforce each other in a closed space without active cooling.


Is it harmful? Yes! If the iron still has some kind of protection mechanisms, for example, frequency reduction or emergency shutdown , then the battery suffers much more significantly. When the battery overheats, irreversible processes occur that can lead to swelling or, in rare cases, even to fire (but this is very unlikely). But a decrease in the resource from a constant charge and overheating is very real and probable.

What to do if the phone gets very hot

If you do not want to give up your preferences and change the approach to using your smartphone, at least give up using covers during an active load. For example, while watching streaming video, when the communication module is also loaded, and games. So the back wall of the phone will be much better at dissipating heat and being cooled by the surrounding air.

using a navigator means harming the phone . Heating is one of the reasons. Therefore, although this does not apply to games, let me remind you that you should not hang your phone on the ventilation grill in winter when the stove is working. But in the summer, on the contrary, it is possible to reduce the negative impact when cold air from the air conditioner blows from the nozzles. It cools the case and internal components very effectively.

Can I play while the phone is charging

I have already answered this question indirectly above. The smartphone is unlikely to break down at once, but strong heating and constant simultaneous charging / discharging negatively affect the battery life.

This applies not only to the game, but also to any other demanding task – watching streaming video or high-resolution video, photo processing, and the like. And then there is heating. So if you are doing something like this, you better think about something like this .


Does the phone screen deteriorate if it is turned on for a long time

Of course it does! Moreover, if in an ordinary IPS-screen everything “sits down” more or less evenly, then OLED has the ability to burn out in pieces . For example, when using the same navigator, when the picture does not change in some parts of the screen, the pixels will burn out unevenly and even in other images a “phantom” of an arrow or other symbol will remain.

This often happens in smartphones “from the storefront”, on which the main screen has been launched for a long time. Control buttons and icons are permanently imprinted on the matrix.

But this is all in theory. In fact, you shouldn’t worry too much about this, and modern phones do not suffer from this as much as the models of the past. For example, I did a little experiment and did not turn off the LG G6’s screen for about a month and a half. Although not the newest, phantoms never appeared on his screen.

Therefore, I will summarize – the screen deteriorates , but you can hardly feel it. Especially if you play dynamic games where the picture is constantly changing and there is no static part of it.

Can I play on my phone

Summing up, we can say that you can play on the phone. After all, you didn’t buy it to admire it in a frame. But keep in mind that if you do this for several hours a day, then the battery will have to be changed about twice as early. On the other hand, if you change your phone every year , you shouldn’t worry about it.

The screen from games deteriorates slightly – especially on good smartphones. But all this does not apply to undemanding games (if there are any now). They do not stress the components as much and wear will be even less.

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