Correct WhatsApp settings to save you from being tracked and hacked

Correct WhatsApp settings to save you from being tracked and hacked

In the chats of instant messengers, everyone will surely have information that should not be seen by strangers: from photos of documents and passwords to some intimate correspondence. Therefore, all the malware and online scams, so zealously seeking access to applications for communication: personal information can be sold, let them ” in case” or to blackmail the owner, demanding money for his silence.

In order not to get into such a situation, you need to protect your programs to the maximum. And since WhatsApp remains the most popular messenger in Russia, we have prepared detailed instructions on its security. We go step by step.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Simple, but probably the most effective way to protect yourself. When enabled, you will have to provide a 6-digit PIN, which you will need to enter when you log into WhatSapp on each new device. Thus, a person who temporarily gets your smart phone in hand will not be able to quickly log in to another phone using an SMS code.

To enable, open Settings – Account – Two – step verification , and click Enable :

We come up with and enter a PIN, and then indicate the E-Mail, through which it will be possible to reset the verification code if you suddenly forget it.

Disable message backup

In order not to lose especially important correspondence, many users use chat backup. Copies can be stored on iCloud / Google Drive, or directly in the smartphone’s memory. If copying to the cloud is enabled, hackers can gain access to messages by hacking your Apple or Google account. This is how scandalous photos of stars and other celebrity plums usually leak online.

To disable copy, go to the Settings – Shooting – Backup chats , and set Never in paragraph Backup .

Use chat archiving

Correspondences that especially need privacy are best added to the archive. Such chats disappear from the general list of dialogs, they cannot be copied and deleted, and if an archived contact writes to you, a new message will appear in an empty dialog, that is, it will not be possible to read what you talked about before archiving.

To add a chat to the archive, hold down the desired dialog with your finger, and on the panel that appears at the top, click the square icon with an arrow:

Disable profile photos and geolocation

This function is needed for those who want not only to protect WhatsApp from hacking, but to get rid of unwanted contacts to the maximum: without a profile photo, you cannot be recognized, and without geotags, you cannot understand where you are.

To hide, go to Settings – Account – Privacy , and opposite Profile photo and Geodata change All to My contacts or Nobody :

There you can also hide your status and the report that you are reading incoming messages from outsiders.

Checking authorized devices

Also, do not forget to periodically check which devices are logging into your WhatsApp. This is especially important for those who often connect to untested Wi-Fi networks or leave the phone unattended.

To view, click on the three dots in the upper right, select WhatsApp Web , and see the list:

In the list, you can see the basic information about the connected devices, and most importantly: click the Exit from all devices button if there are any suspicious devices there.

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