Do I need to unplug the charger if nothing is charging?

In our homes, many of us have phones and various gadgets constantly connected to sockets. We don’t get the power adapters, even if they don’t charge anything – why bother if they plug it back in a few hours later?

With this topic – whether to get the charger if nothing is connected to it – 3 myths are connected. Let’s analyze each one.

Electricity consumption, for which you have to overpay

Even if charging doesn’t charge anything, it still consumes electricity. True, a very small amount – in the 24/7 mode, about 5 W per day, or about 2-3 kW per year, accumulates. Even if you live in areas with the most expensive electricity, such as Magadan or Kamchatka, in a year, 1 charge will only wind up an extra 25-30 rubles. A TV that works in the background, or the lights that are often forgotten on – will cost many times more.

Power supply deterioration

Inside the power adapter there are capacitors and circuitry, designed for an average of 50-100 thousand hours of operation. In cheap chargers, however, this period may be shorter, but it will still be enough for several years without removing it from the outlet. So most likely you will buy a new smartphone earlier to replace an outdated one, than the charger will break due to a constant connection to the network.

Into a fire or explosion

The power supply unit by itself will not be able to explode or catch fire – it consumes too little energy in idle time. He is not afraid of small voltage drops, plus even inexpensive chargers now have protection against overheating and short circuits.

The worst thing that can happen is that the PSU case will melt and ruin your outlet or extension cord. This is possible if 2 factors coincide: the cheapest Chinese adapter will be used without overheating / short circuit protection, and a really large voltage surge will occur.

However, the same threat is relevant for any other electrical appliances, so there is nothing wrong with the fact that the adapter from the phone or laptop is constantly sticking out in the outlet, in principle, no. The main thing is not to skimp on charging: use the original, and when choosing an analogue, do not buy absolutely no-name products. On the same Ali, high-quality chargers from Baseus, Ugreen, Xiaomi and other trusted manufacturers now cost quite adequate money.

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