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It is difficult to think of more relaxed and meditative phone games than farm simulators. Here, no one drives you forward, does not force you to quickly press the buttons and shoot accurately. And ripe tomatoes, flowers on a virtual plot or a brand new extension to the barn are no less pleasing than the first place in some competition.

And since gardening and truck farming are in full swing in the yard now , it’s time to collect the best farm games for Android into a single top. Most of them are free, so be sure to try at least a few of the options.

10 best farm games for Android

# 10 – Valley of Farms

Download: Google Play 

Our rating is opened by the “Valley of Farms” – this is a classic representative of the genre, in which the player will control his own cozy piece of land. On it you can build and improve buildings, break beds, breed pets and other cute pets. And all the fruits of your agricultural activity will be brought to the market by a funny donkey every day.

To develop the farm, you will have to work hard, extracting resources, completing tasks of fabulous creatures and wisely spending energy, of which a limited amount is given per day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play for a long time without donating to the “Valley of Farms”, at some point you will hit the ceiling, and there will be too few resources for further development. But by this time, you can still have time to get a lot of pleasure.

# 9 – Family Farm Adventure

Download: Google Play 

Family Farm Adventure immediately captivates with cool 3D graphics, its creators clearly did their best when thinking over the style of the tropical island and its inhabitants. In this game, you need not only to improve your own plot, but also to explore other locations, completing quests and solving simple puzzles. As a reward for this, new buildings will open, resources will flow, and sometimes new animals even come to the farm at will.

Pleasant gameplay is accompanied by an uncomplicated but atmospheric storyline about the value of friendship and family relationships. And the mechanics of the farm itself are done perfectly here: the player has a ton of options available for furnishing the house, gardening, animal husbandry and just decorations to make the farm pleasing to the eye.

# 8 – Zombie Farm

Download: Google Play 

Not all farm games for Android phones are made according to the same template. What do you think if the hard-working animals are replaced by no less cute and funny zombies? In “Zombie Farm” your main charges will be the living dead. Their forces will have to dig up and build a vegetable garden. Do not expect boring tomatoes and cucumbers from the beds, here they collect kostyruza, hypnosflowers and pumpkin shells!

Research is more interesting than these exotic names. There is something to study here – the developers have made a real pirate island, full of mysteries, treasures and unknown creatures. You will also have to trample by equipping a faithful caravel and purchasing cards from hardened sea wolves drinking rum in a local tavern. After the seas, the conquest of distant space is not far off, but for this you will have to pump your farm well.

# 7 – FarmVille 2: Rural Seclusion

Download: Google Play 

Many popular Android projects can envy FarmVille 2, at least due to the number of active players. The game earned popular love thanks to beautifully drawn graphics, interesting production chains and an abundance of gameplay activities.

At first, you will have only a small house at your disposal, but every day more and more beds, fruit trees, vineyards, bee hives will appear around it, and there it is not far from your own pier. But the main interest lies in the online component of the game. You are not alone in the world, and you can communicate with other players, trade, organize farmers’ unions. Well, the main thrill is the development of your own site together with real friends.

# 6 – WeFarm: More than Farming

Download: Google Play 

Those who are looking for new farm games that are not too deep in donation should pay attention to WeFarm. This is a fun toy that, at first glance, seems very simple, but incredibly addictive. Thank you for this worth saying homely cozy graphics, music and funny animations of animals that you can have on your farm. The cultivation of fruits, vegetables and cereals, with their subsequent processing for sale, has not gone anywhere either.

But WeFarm is not only taking care of the site. Many quirky neighbors will settle around you, with whom you will have to improve relations, fulfilling their sometimes strange requests. You can make friends not only with game characters, but also with real people from all over the world. The only negative is that there is still no game in Russian, however, a particularly deep knowledge of English is not required for it

№5 – Tour of Neverland

Download: Google Play 

Tour of Neverland is very similar to the popular Animal Crossing game. She takes us on a fantasy adventure on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean. And there, as you probably guessed, you will have to build yourself a plot and start managing it with all that it implies. In this difficult task, cute pets will help, who do not mind taking over some of the responsibilities.

You will also have to explore your own and neighboring islands, conclude trade deals, dive into the ocean for marine life and do many other fun gizmos. And in Tour of Neverland, there is a real scope for customization of everything and everything, from the look and clothing of your character to the interior of the house in which he lives. Unfortunately, this game is not available on Russian Google Play. But you can download it if you go to the app store via a VPN, or find the APK installation file in Google.

# 4 – Hay Day

Download: Google Play 

Hay Day at the moment is perhaps the best farm simulator on Android with classic cartoon graphics. Which, however, is not surprising, because it was developed by Supercell, which gave the world such projects as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. This game cannot be called particularly original, the gameplay here is similar to any other farm – you need to build and improve buildings, take care of the garden, raise livestock, cook, participate in events and mini-games like fishing.

However, what sets the game apart from the competition is its quality of execution, well-thought-out production chains and just tons of content that continues to expand. You can play Hay Day for years – there will always be something to keep yourself busy, especially in the online mode, where you can interact with real people.

# 3 – Farming Simulator 20

Download: Google Play 

But if cartoon graphics are not for you, and your soul requires harsh realism, then Farming Simulator 20 is your choice. Here the earth looks like earth, objects have physics, and animals need to be taken care of as if they were alive. But you can plow, sow, harvest crops while driving agricultural machinery made according to real prototypes. There are as many as 100 different types of tractors and combines.

Moreover, it is allowed to turn the steering wheel even in the first person, the main thing is to learn this first. Well, the best way to immerse yourself in the life of a farmer from the American outback is the best way to immerse yourself in the life of a farmer from the American hinterland, and it’s hard to come up with anything cooler than horse races. True, the full version of the game costs money, so you will either have to fork out or turn to the services of pirate sites where there is a hacked version of Farming Simulator 20.

# 2 – Blocky Farm

Download: Google Play 

The Minecraft case is alive and well, giving rise to all new games. There are also free farms for Android among them. The luckiest representative is Blocky Farm. This, of course, is not a mod, but looking at the graphics in the form of familiar cubes, Minecraft fans will find many familiar ones. And then they will be engaged in the construction of buildings, hilling beds, breeding pets and putting on funny hats on them.

Blocky Farm differs from other similar games not only in graphics, the gameplay itself is much more dynamic here. You can jump into a tractor and personally pick up the harvest, and then turn the wrong way, crash into a tree or enter a river, raising clouds of cubic spray. This arcade and lively response from the game world in response to your actions creates much of the fun that Blocky Farm has in abundance.

# 1 – Stardew Valley

Download: Google Play 

And now the best farm on Android, meet – Stardew Valley! This addicting offline game was developed by just one person – Eric Barone. His talent was not only enough to copy all the capabilities of classic farm simulators from competitors, he screwed much deeper mechanics to them. Just one change of seasons: every season its own special crops grow here, and in winter nothing grows at all, but you can engage in animal husbandry, fish or clear the mine from monsters.

There is a city next to your farm with a bunch of residents, each with their own character, occupation and daily routine. You can make friends with people, and even marry with individuals of the opposite sex. Events, a bunch of activities, magical adventures and an interesting storyline with multiple endings are far from all the advantages of Stardew Valley. Try it and see for yourself.

We hope that the top farms for Android did not disappoint you. Even one game from it should be enough to while away many pleasant evenings and calm the craving for gardening. Have a good harvest!

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