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Large tablet screens are made to play mobile games. But since most of them are outright dummies, few people want to download a bunch of junk to find something worthwhile. This is not required – we have already done everything for you. Catch the rating, which includes the best games for the Android tablet. 15 free projects for every taste that you can play and enjoy both online and offline.

№15 – Alto’s Odyssey

Download: Google Play

Connoisseurs of beautiful and meditative games should familiarize themselves with Alto’s Odyssey. At first glance, this is a very simple project, the whole gameplay in which boils down to driving as far as possible on the sandboard. But this is deceptive simplicity, and it will soon become clear that for some tests you will have to strain yourself, showing your skill. Further more, new challenges will come with new characters. But learning in the game is a real pleasure thanks to relaxing music, fantastic visuals and dynamic weather effects. The developers even added a separate Zen mode in which you can simply roll forward, ignoring obstacles and enjoying the atmosphere.

# 14 – Harry Potter: magic and mysteries

Download: Google Play

Classic puzzles are always valuable. Hardly anyone needs to be taught the rules of the game “three in a row”, but even the familiar gameplay becomes more exciting if it takes place in the beloved universe of Harry Potter. So get ready to relive scenes from movies like the battle with the troll or the Weasley twins’ playful pranks. You will also have to conjure, and without learning new spells, some levels simply cannot be passed. You need to pump – yes, there is even a simple RPG system that encourages you to play over and over again. All in all, a good project to while away an hour or two if you are looking for new games on your tablet.

№13 – Space Marshals 2

Download: Google Play

Space Marshals 2 is a tactical shooter set in a space western setting. And the word tactical is not an empty phrase here. An attempt to break through the levels ahead, firing at everyone in a row, will quickly end in death. And here is the thoughtful gameplay with the search for cover. hidden movement, removing enemies with silenced shots and successfully thrown grenades will lead to victory. In addition, the game has cool stylized graphics in an interesting tactical component. And the setting itself, where cowboy ranches coexist with spaceships and blasters, looks very fresh for playing on a tablet without registration.

# 12 – Forgotten Anne

Download: Google Play

Some game developers manage to create a very special atmosphere by crossing excellent hand-drawn graphics with a touching storyline. Forgotten Anne is a fascinating quest in which the player will control the girl Anne, trapped in a mysterious land where lost and long-forgotten things live. They are called forgetters, and some of them are not the most calm and friendly creatures. It is Ann to put things in order in the world of lost things. This animated adventure will capture from the first minutes and will not let go until the last second. And you can play without the Internet and in Russian, albeit only with subtitles.

№11 – Grimvalor

Download: Google Play

You cannot do without full-fledged RPGs in the top of the best tablet games. Grimvalor is an impressive piece of the genre in all respects. Looking at this game, it’s hard to believe that it was created specifically for mobile phones. Graphics, models, animations, effects – everything is like a solid, albeit not the newest, project from a PC or consoles. The variety of enemies, bosses and the overall gloomy mood of the game are somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls. However, you can’t call Grimvalor a soul-creep, the gameplay and atmosphere are quite distinctive here. There is a lot of action and drive here, platforming elements are present, there are simple puzzles. Well, without pumping, of course, nowhere.

# 10 – Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror

Download: Google Play

While looking for free games on the tablet, we came across a very unusual game – Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror. And the title doesn’t lie, it really is a pixel horror game. If it seems to you that such a default project cannot scare you, then you are greatly mistaken. Yes, there will be no monsters and screamers jumping out from around the corners, from which you want to throw your phone. But there is a depressing atmosphere and a story full of psychologism about a man who evicted an old woman from home because of career ambitions, and is now forced to pay for what he did. From individual twists in history, it really becomes creepy.

# 9 – CSR Racing 2

Download: Google Play

Another genre without which tablet games are unthinkable is racing. The CSR Racing 2 project stands out favorably against the background of competitors. There is everything for which racing games are so fond of: top graphics for the platform, a huge number of real-life cars, thoughtful and detailed tuning, realistic behavior of cars on the track, well, the tracks themselves, pleasing their variety. The game modes were also generous. You can participate as in a single race and show who is the coolest in the city offline, or, which is much more adrenaline, challenge live players online.

# 8 – Rebel Inc.

Download: Google Play

If you want something unusual, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the strategic simulator Rebel Inc. In it, under your control will be a whole country, divided into 7 regions. But everything is not all right in the country – after the recent hostilities, a rebellion is brewing in it. Either the military will not share something, or the civilians are outraged and shake stability. You realize very quickly that maneuvering between your own and other people’s interests is a whole art, and this, in general, is what the whole game is based on. The AI ​​system adds fuel to the fire, briskly reacting to your actions and making each playthrough unique.


Download: Google Play

What games to play on the tablet if the old ones are bored? Multiplayer shooters and UNKILLED in particular are worth a try. After all, zombie shooters are timeless classics. Especially those where there is a whole arsenal of weapons, crowds of enemies, parts of which are effectively scattered to the sides, and the strong shoulder of a friend in the game session, desperately shooting back with you. It’s fun to play on its own, but the cherry on top is definitely the PVP rating battles. All such real people are much more dangerous than brainless computer dummies.

# 6 – Darkness Rises

Download: Google Play

Darkness Rises is a furious fantasy action game with RPG elements and a multiplayer component. The choice of class here decides a lot, so immediately decide which one you prefer: a harsh berserker, a sorceress who commands the elements, or someone else. Each class has its own abilities and gameplay features. However, everyone has one feature – the ability to take control of enemies and unleash their power on allies. A story campaign, dungeon raids and, of course, battles against powerful bosses are all an integral part of Darkness Rises.

# 5 – Vainglory

Download: Google Play

10 games on the tablet are over, it’s time to get acquainted with the next one – Vainglory. This is a MOBA, clearly drawing inspiration from the popular League of Legends. The players are divided into teams 5 by 5, choose one of the many heroes and set off to beat the enemies’ faces in three lines. The winner is the one who is the first to destroy the player’s main structure. The choice of a hero here is one of the most important points of victory, because each character has its own role and abilities. It is equally important to buy suitable artifacts for him, giving the necessary stats. In general, there is a lot of room for learning and improving skills.

# 4 – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Download: Google Play

We decided to include the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the top games for tablet for free and in Russian . Since anyone who doesn’t want to buy it on Google Play can easily find a free jailbroken version. This GTA was released back in 2003, but gamers on all platforms continue to go through it to this day. Perhaps the time has come for you to plunge headlong into good old San Andreas in order to once again walk the path of a simple guy from a black ghetto, striving to the heights of the criminal world. Shootouts with the police, car thefts, an open world, missions with your faithful houmi – if you haven’t been washed away by the tsunami of nostalgia, then run to install.

# 3 – Among Us

Download: Google Play

Anyone who fumbles for the coolest games on the tablet will certainly advise you Among Us. This is a multiplayer mafia-style game. Players find themselves on a space station: some of them are peaceful crew members, others are traitors. The first need to survive, and the second – to finish off the first. Ordinary crew members do not know who the traitor is, but they can eliminate the most suspicious ones by voting. There are no complex mechanics in Among Us, but there is a lot of room for acting, verbal intrigue and insidious multi-moves. The most cunning win. And it’s better to play with trusted friends, it’s more interesting.

# 2 – Genshin Impact

Download: Google Play

Many gamers look at the latest projects with suspicion, especially if they are Chinese. But Genshin Impact is a really cool game that will quickly convince you that the Chinese gaming industry has something to offer Western players as well. Genshin Impact takes the best of the iconic Zelda series – mechanics, flirting with physics, cartoonish graphic style, and then generously spices it all up … cute girls. Well, how can you not be fascinated, especially since it is really interesting to play and follow the plot. And there are also tote elements here, so get ready to beat out the beauties you like for a long time and persistently in order to assemble a team of them.

# 1 – Call of Duty: Mobile

Download: Google Play

And now the king of free online games on the tablet is Call of Duty: Mobile. The COD series hardly needs an introduction. All games included in it are exemplary shooters that set the trends for the entire industry. Here you will find refined gameplay, a variety of guns and attachments, massive multiplayer battles. Veterans of the series will encounter familiar cards, and will feel like a fish in water, but beginners will quickly fill in, because the game is friendly to beginners. Not without the ubiquitous 100-man battle royale at once, capable of plugging PUBG into the belt. The list of advantages of CoD: Mobile can be continued for a long time, but it is better to play right away and see for yourself.

The last shot in our rating has died down. And every bullet in it was armor-piercing – ready to pierce through and kill your free time. Now you know which games you can download to your tablet. Play, but don’t forget about real life. At least sometimes.

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