Google has released the second beta of Android 12. New features

On the night of March 17-18, Google released the second test build of Android 12 for preliminary tests in closed mode. It came out exactly one month after the launch of the previous build. Only developers who own compatible Google Pixel smartphones can access it. Therefore, the assembly is called Developer Preview. But, unlike the debut beta version, Developer Preview 2 expands the available range of functionality and fixes many bugs found in the first DP build, released in February.

Android 12

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of innovations in Android 12 Developer Preview 2, almost all of them are more cosmetic. In any case, there are very few such functions that would really have an impact on the operating system and the experience of interacting with it.

What’s new in Android 12 DP2

One hand mode

However, let’s go over all:

  • The Night Theme for Google Pixel smartphones is slightly lighter;
  • Dedicated mode for streaming games from a smartphone to YouTube Live;
  • The ability to bring any person’s widget to the desktop;
  • New search bar to find system components in Pixel Launcher;
  • Change the background color of folders in Pixel Launcher;
  • Reduced the size of the font used in the names of applications on the desktop;
  • Modified design of the page with customizing widgets;
  • Cosmetic changes to the lock screen;
  • One-handed use mode;
  • Expanded range of tools for interaction with the picture-in-picture mode.

As you can see, really nothing special. But that was to be expected. The main range of innovations, albeit in a non-working state, was implemented by Google in the debut assembly of the Developer Preview, which was released a month earlier. The company’s developers have yet to get them to function properly, but it will obviously take some time.

New Android 12 features

Night mode

And here’s what made us happy with the first build of Android 12 Developer Preview:

  • Decrease color saturation – allows you to dim the colors on the display if they seem too bright and saturated to you;
  • Screen Time-out – needed to temporarily disable all smartphone functions, for example, if you need to focus on something;
  • Feedback for external controllers – transfers vibration at critical moments of the game from a smartphone to a PS or Xbox controller;
  • Camera and microphone indicator – starts blinking green or orange when audio or photo and video recording is in progress (including in the background);
  • Support for double clicks on the power key – allows you to take screenshots or quickly call Google Assistant (not active yet);
  • Scrolling screenshots – allows you to take a screenshot of the entire web page or chat (up to self-selected limits);
  • The ability to send a password from Wi-Fi – for this, the technology of wireless data transfer Nearby Sharing is used;
  • Improved notifications – now you can conveniently “snooze” an alert, delete it or go to settings;
  • Widgets 2.0 – Google has expanded their use by changing the design and allowing you to create thumbnails of current tasks, for example, dialogs in instant messengers, etc.;
  • Application protection – with the release of Android 12, it will be possible to set passwords for individual applications at will;
  • Compact mode – users of large smartphones will be able to pull the interface to the bottom of the screen, reducing its elements for ease of use.

When Android 12 comes out and how to install it

Most likely, the introduction of new functions in Android 12 will last exactly until the release of the public beta version, which Google will tentatively release in May-June, immediately after the Google I / O conference. However, last year, for example, it was not. Therefore, it is highly likely that Google can afford to delay the launch of the public test version of the Android update to a later date in order to prepare.

Android 12 update
The Developer Preview is a build that cannot be installed on smartphones other than the Google Pixel. Even if the manufacturer himself wants to adapt it to his device, he will not succeed due to technical limitations. Therefore, only those users who own one of the “pixel” devices and have registered in the beta testing program can test the update at this stage.
As for the release dates, it will be tentatively held in October-November. From year to year, Google makes changes to the launch dates, but usually this is not dictated by its own wishes, but by actual circumstances. So, due to the pandemic, the company had to reduce the testing time, but the release took place a little later than planned. The thing is that the testing itself began with a delay of as much as a whole month.
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