How long does it take not to age? 7 mandatory habits for everyone

How long does it take not to age?

No matter how sad it is to realize this, but people do not get younger, and every year age makes more and more adjustments to the work of the body. Partying all night long is no longer so easy, noticeable wrinkles appear under the eyes, and junk food makes you face consequences that you haven’t thought about before.

Yes, old age is inevitable, but its arrival can be slowed down if you follow 7 simple habits that everyone needs to start after 30 years.

1. Watch your sleep

Full sleep is one of the most important needs of our body. From regular lack of sleep, fatigue and stress accumulate, which in the long run will definitely hit your health. Dark circles under the eyes, bad skin, a constant feeling of weakness will become your faithful companions. Therefore, sleep well and, most importantly, go to bed on time.

2. Stick to a healthy diet

From fat and flour, excess weight appears, fried in sunflower oil contains carcinogens, an abundance of sweet affects the skin and destroys teeth. This does not mean that you need to radically abandon all of the above, but you should definitely monitor what and in what quantities you eat.

More vegetables, steamed cooking, seafood on the menu-it’s no less delicious, but also useful. With a full-fledged diet, you will receive enough vitamins and trace elements, you will become less ill, there will be more energy for professional and personal achievements.

3. Take up physical education

Without regular physical activity, a healthy body is out of the question. Exercises support your joints, keep your muscles in good shape, have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it is not necessary to plunge into sports with your head, even light fitness, yoga or jogging will already be enough for a beneficial effect. The main thing is to practice regularly.

4. Use sunscreen

There is no worse enemy for your skin than ultraviolet, as more than one scientific study suggests. The sun’s rays not only lead to premature aging, but also increase the risk of developing cancer, in particular, melanoma. Therefore, make it a habit to use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the skin, regardless of the weather in summer. It is better to choose creams with an SPF of 50, as the most effective.

5. Take care of your skin

This advice seems primitive, but in fact a large number of people do not get enough fluid during the day. Even mild dehydration in the future can lead to dry skin, blood clots, dermatitis, kidney stones and other problems that you definitely do not want to deal with. So do not forget to drink regularly during the day, especially in the heat and during physical exertion.

7. Maintain mental health

Prolonged stress can severely cripple the body, kill the immune system and ruin health. It is important not to overwork, to rest in time, to have fun, to change the situation, to lead a social life that brings pleasant emotions. And if there are problems that can not be solved independently, you should contact a psychologist or a psychotherapist without the slightest shame.

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