How to avoid becoming a victim of WhatsApp scammers. 4 top tips

It turns out that among the most popular messengers in Nigeria, scammers love Whatsapp the most. Moreover, he is in the lead by a huge margin from Telegram and Viber.

Such data was published by Kaspersky Lab a couple of days ago. According to her statistics, 83% of all phishing links in Nigeria were sent via WhatsApp. Viber came in second with 10%, and Telegram was the safest of the three with 7%.

Phishing is not new, but it is still a common scam that usually aims to steal usernames and passwords. The scheme itself is primitive: a site is created that is completely similar to some popular project externally, and has a similar URL . Usually, for phishing, they copy social networks, email services (so that later they can access other accounts through them), and online banking. If you do not pay attention to the address and do not notice the difference, you will enter your password and login, the scammers will see them and gain access to your account. Previously, SMS was used for such schemes, then – e-mail and advertising mailings, later – social networks, and now instant messengers.

By the way, in other countries phishing either initially did not have such efficiency, or foreign users learned to recognize it faster. According to statistics from the same Kaspersky Lab, on Android OS, almost half of the transitions to fake sites were made from Nigeria.

And since this problem for us, as it turned out, is still relevant, we remind you how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers:

  • carefully look at which site you enter your data on – you need to check each letter of the address;
  • do not forward links to large sites, the addresses of which are indicated with an error (it happens that scammers not only send them themselves, but under various pretexts ask to distribute other people);
  • do not follow links from unknown users, or from friends, if they send them without explanation, or if their messages look suspicious. Your friends’ accounts can also be hacked.
  • Be suspicious of any easy money offers, promises of winnings, or promises to provide something for free.

These rules are especially important if you came across the link in the context of some extraordinary events. For example, you received a message about blocking an account on a social network, receiving a parking fine, or applying for a loan in your name. A person usually reacts to such news without hesitation, and due to stress, he may not notice that he is entering his data on some left site …

And besides the rules that will protect you from phishing, we also recommend regularly (for example, once every 3-6 months) to change passwords to mail, instant messengers and social networks.

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