how to find out that you have been blocked on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a rather confusing messenger. So many conventional symbols and designations, as in it, perhaps, there is nowhere else. All those checkboxes – gray or blue – in-chat notifications and backups only complicate its perception for ordinary users. For this reason, the majority simply cannot figure out something on their own, and they are forced to look for the answer to their question on the Internet. Fortunately, the creators of the messenger come to the rescue, explaining, for example, how to find out that you have been blocked on WhatsApp


Looking ahead, I will say that there is no 100% way to determine that you have been blocked in WhatsApp . This can be understood only by indirect signs, and the more there are, the more you can rely on them. These signs were described by the creators of the messenger, inviting users to build on them.

Is it possible to find out if you were blocked in Whatsapp


However, unfortunately, there is no such thing that a notification appears in the messenger that directly says that you have been added to the black list and you cannot write messages to the selected interlocutor. But this is not a reason not to play detective, especially when WhatsApp itself provides food for thought.

Most likely, the reason for thinking that you have been added to the black list in Watsap is the lack of response to your messages from the interlocutor you are writing to. But after all, a long silence on his part in itself is not at all a sign. So there must be something else.

How to understand that you have been blocked in WhatsApp

Check marks in watsap

First of all, pay attention to the check marks under the message in WhatsApp . In fact, quite a lot can be understood from them. If there is only one checkmark and is grayed out , it means that the message has not been received. That is, it did not appear on the screen of your interlocutor’s smartphone. And this can only happen if his device is turned off, out of range of the network, or you have been blocked.

In this case, you need to look at your profile photo. If you are blocked, the image will disappear. Therefore, it is important to remember here whether your interlocutor, in principle, had an avatar installed. Because many users neglect this element of self-identification and prefer to use WhatsApp without showing their photos.

The third sign that you have been blocked is the absence of the last time your interlocutor appeared on the Internet. By default, you can see when he last logged into WhatsApp . But, if you have been blocked, you will not see this information, nor the current status of the interlocutor, if he appeared online.

Can’t call on Whatsapp

Call in Watsap

Then, if all the signs match, and you desperately need to contact the interlocutor who supposedly blocked you, try calling him via WhatsApp . If you are still included in the black list, you will not be able to get through to this users either by audio communication or by video.

In principle, everything is logical, but why not just add a special notification to the WhatsApp interface that would indicate to the blocked person that he was blocked? In fact, this is done on purpose. According to the developers of the messenger, they have specially implemented everything in such a way as to determine something by these signs. This is how they protect the privacy of users who want to stop contacting someone.

This may not be very convenient, but at some point it can play into your hands when you want to block someone , but do not want to explain to him. After all, you can contact a person in any other way, except for WhatsApp. And the lack of understanding whether your interlocutor was actually blocked will not provoke him to establish a connection with you outside the messenger.

How to block in Vatsap

Therefore, just in case, keep the instructions for adding unwanted users to the blacklist:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone;
  • Open “Settings” and select “Account”;
  • Select the “Privacy” tab;
  • Open “Blocked” and add there the one with whom you no longer want to communicate.

This method is suitable if you are blocking a person who is already in your contact list. And, if you need to add to the blacklist a person who has just written to you and has not been previously saved in the address book, open his profile and click “Block”.

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