How to get Windows 11 features in Windows 10

The new Windows 11 turned out to be a very interesting operating system. Microsoft has improved it, adding a number of important functions and updating the interface, and also offers to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 completely free.

But since it takes almost six months to wait for a stable version of the OS, and not everyone will get the update due to problems with the TPM module, we have found alternative ways to use the main features of Windows 11 on the top ten right now. We will tell you what needs to be done for this.

How to get Windows 11 features in Windows 10

1. The taskbar is centered

The developers of the new Windows were clearly inspired by macOS, where icons have been located in the middle of the taskbar for a long time. You can center icons in Windows 10 using the TaskBarX program. It can be purchased for $ 1.49 or downloaded for free . We attach both links – the software is identical in functionality.

All you need to do is launch TaskBarX, leave the default settings and click Apply. After that, the icons will move to the center of the taskbar, and the “Start” menu will remain on the left – this is even more convenient than in the “eleven”.

2. Launching Android applications

Windows 11 brought official support for Android applications, but you can run them on the top ten. True, the applications will not work as stable and fast as on the new version of “Windows”, and to run you have to download third-party software, but it’s still better than nothing.

Working with Android programs on Windows 10 allows special programs – emulators. We recommend the free Bluestacks , which many people use to play mobile games on their PC. Here is a link to the official website of the application .

3. Location of minimized windows

In Windows 11, the Snap Layout feature was introduced to select options for the location of open windows on the screen. If you feel like using it, try PowerToys .

PowerToys has a FancyZones section where you can customize how windows of several programs will be displayed together, and select hotkeys to quickly “scatter” them on the desktop.

4. Updated file explorer

Despite the fact that Explorer in Windows 11 has not been reworked as much as many expected, it still looks more interesting than its predecessor.

Something similar in Windows 10 can be implemented through the free file manager Files . It looks cool and has a bunch of functions, so we advise you to delve into the settings – maybe you will find something useful.

5. Modern interface elements

Many people liked how rounded windows and pop-up panels look in Windows 11. Unfortunately, it is not possible to move them all to the top ten, but you can customize individual interface elements. The ModernFlyouts program will help you with this.

With it, when adjusting the volume, brightness and turning on the flight mode, pleasant-looking windows with rounded edges will appear on the screen. Also, the application has support for everyone’s favorite dark interface theme.

6. New widget panel

Windows 11 introduced a separate panel specifically for widgets. But in reality, this is just an improved version of the “News and Interests” function, which has recently been available on a dozen.

To enable it, right-click on the taskbar and select ” News and Interests “, and then check the box next to the line ” Show icon and text ” or near two other options for displaying widgets.

We also recommend checking out the free Rainmeter app, where you can customize almost all interface elements and create your own unique widgets. The link is attached.

7. New applications from the Office suite

Together with Windows 11, they announced updated Office applications. They now have rounded edges, new animations and a fresh design. Windows 10 users can also legally test the new Word and other programs.

To do this, you will have to join the beta test of Office Insider. Open one of the Office applications and follow the path ” Account” – “Office Insider” – “Join the beta channel “. Select ” Update Now ” under ” Office Updates” , wait for the download to finish and enjoy.

8. Wallpaper Windows 11

Microsoft has unveiled one of the coolest wallpaper collections in Windows history, and all of these images are already available for download – here’s the link .

Download, with this wallpaper you can give an updated look to your old Windows 10.

9. Customize the context menu

Few people paid attention to how correctly in Windows 11 the context menu, invoked by pressing the right mouse button, looks. It contains only important functions for interacting with files, there is no unnecessary junk, and everything is also quite stylishly designed.

ou can get something similar in Windows 10 using the ShellExView  program Yes, you won’t be able to repeat the 1-in-1 interface, but you can leave only the most necessary functions in the context menu, filtering out useless ones, using software.

  1. Run the application and go to “Options”. Check the box next to Hide All Microsoft Extensions. So when you call the context menu in the list of options, there will be no actions associated with Microsoft programs.
  2. Then analyze the list and determine which other applications you do not want to see when you call the context menu. To disable each, right-click on it and select Disable Selected Items.
  3. Restart File Explorer. “Options” – “Restart Explorer”.

Now the context menu will be more concise and pleasant to use.

10. New Microsoft Store

For a long time, no one took the Microsoft store seriously because of the inconvenient design and the small number of applications. But in Windows 11, everything changed: the store was redone, and with the new payment policy, developers began to vying with each other to upload their programs there. Everything goes to the fact that soon we will stop downloading applications separately, and all free software will be installed directly from the Microsoft Store.

The company has confirmed that the updated store will appear in Windows 10, but when it will happen is not yet clear. There are two options: either in September, or after the large-scale launch of the new version of Windows 11 early next year. It is also possible that Microsoft will provide native support for Android applications in Windows 10. Fingers crossed!

Now you know how to refresh the top ten with chips from the new OS. However, in Windows 11 itself there are much more innovations, so we recommend that you definitely start it. We have detailed instructions on how to upgrade any computer to Windows 11 for free

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