How to quickly find any photo on your smartphone. Brilliant life hack!

How to quickly find any photo on your smartphone. Brilliant life hack!

How to quickly find any photo on your smartphone. Brilliant life hack!

How many photos are currently stored in your smartphone’s memory? Probably not one hundred, but rather more than a thousand. And if among the heap of images you need to find a specific picture, you can flip through the gallery for an outrageously long time.

But this is if you search manually. We offer a better option – smart search via Google Ph oto. This service is used by most owners of Android smartphones, but for some reason only a few people know about the magic search that is there .

Google Ph oto can recognize what is in the picture. Of course, the service may not be able to cope with small details, but to determine that there is a dog, a car or the right person in the photo, and also to show the pictures in a certain place and at a certain time – it can be done by rail.

Let’s see how this life hack works in practice:

  • Open Google Photos. This is a pre-installed application that comes with all Android smartphones by default Perhaps you will call it Google Photos, or just Photos. On iOS, the program must be downloaded separately. 

  • Open the search bar (on tablets, the line is located at the top, on smartphones – it appears by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom).

  • We write what we want to find. For example: “dog” or “summer” or “football” or “documents” and we get images that Google Photos recognized as suitable. As you can see from the example, the service is quite smart – when the request is “fish”, it shows not only photos from fishing, but also food, where the actual fish is also present.

For all this to work, the photos must be in the cloud, that is, auto upload and sync of pictures must be enabled. 

In addition to searching by words, Photos can find photos by date, geotags (for example, you can find all pictures taken in Moscow on Tverskaya Street), event (wedding, picnic), and even by people’s names.

To search by name, you need to “introduce” Google to your loved ones: in the Photos application, open the search tab, then click on the thumbnail images of faces that appear, select the one you want, and write its name.

By the way, you can organize a search in this way not only by photographs, but also among ordinary images. All that is required for this is to make a separate folder on Google Photo, and upload all the pictures that are stored on the phone to the cloud.

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