How to upgrade old Android and change your smartphone beyond recognition

How to upgrade old Android and change your smartphone beyond recognition

How to upgrade old Android and change your smartphone beyond recognition

Modern smartphones are quite reliable, even budget models can be used for years without any problems. But over time, any gadget starts to get boring. Everything about it is already familiar and familiar, and even updates to the operating system, which introduced at least some kind of variety, no longer come.

If the phone is boring to you, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. We’ll tell you how to refresh your old Android and use an almost new device.

New launcher

Nothing is like a boring interface. It’s not necessary to put up with it, because Android is full of customization options. The easiest way to do this is to use the launchers that are filled with Google Play. With their help, you can completely change the look of the desktop, and at the same time get useful functions like smart search, gesture control and other features that were not previously in the device.

Here are some good launchers to guarantee you a new smartphone experience:

New icons

After installing the launcher, you can tackle the application icons, which you also see most of the time. Why not pick up a beautiful pack? Viral – Free Icon Pack looks good , these icons have understated colors and cool modern designs. Connoisseurs of monochrome minimalism can recommend Whicons – White Icon Pack . Or the classic Pixel Icon Pack with reference icons from a pure Android version.

New wallpaper

Installing new icons and keeping the old wallpaper is a bad idea. After all, the background of the desktop should be combined with the rest of its elements. Icon creators usually add suitable wallpapers to them so that the user does not suffer for a long time with the choice, but no one bothers to choose something on his own. Thousands of bomb images can be found, for example, in the  Walli Wallpapers app . Also try ZEDGE – there is absolutely everything, and WallP , which contains original wallpapers from various new smartphones.

New lock screen

The first thing you see before you start using your smartphone is the lock screen. The image on it can also be changed, including an animated one. But it’s better not to stop there and add something else useful. For example, widgets that will display various information without having to unlock your smartphone. Same calendar or fresh weather reports.

We recommend:

New accessories

And, of course, do not forget about the appearance of the smartphone itself. The device will be perceived completely differently if you buy a beautiful case for it. Or not a cover, but protective stickers, which are gaining more and more popularity among smartphone owners. In order not to overpay for both, it is better to order accessories from AliExpress. The quality of a trusted seller will be no worse, and the price will be much lower than in local stores .

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