How to upgrade your computer to Windows 11. The most detailed instructions

How to upgrade your computer to Windows 11. The most detailed instructions

How to upgrade your computer to Windows 11. The most detailed instructions

Microsoft does not so often make us happy with major Windows updates on PCs : the “ten” was released 6 years ago, in the summer of 2015, and the “seven” was already released in 2009. Therefore, the new version – Windows 11 – and even with a serious external update, was greeted with great enthusiasm.

It will be officially launched only on October 20, 2021, and most computers will receive an update even later, in 2022, but the preliminary assembly can already be downloaded and installed.

How to upgrade to Windows 11 for free today – we will tell you.

Important: now the OS is at the testing stage, and it may contain jambs that have not been found yet . Therefore, we do not recommend installing it on working PCs, or if you are not sure that then you will cope with the “rollback” to a more stable version.

Windows 11: minimum requirements

  • Supported processors on which Windows 11 can be installed: Here are the listings for Intel and  AMD (compatibility table will be updated);
  • RAM: from 4 GB;
  • free disk space: from 64 GB;
  • graphics card with support for DirectX 12 and WDDM 2+;
  • motherboard with UEFI and Secure Boot support ;
  • Module TPM version 2.0 , embedded in the motherboard physically or software emulator.

It has already been announced that in some countries (including Russia) the final version of Win11 will work without TPM 2.0.

How do I check Secure Boot and TPM on my PC ?

If there are no questions with a video card and RAM, then the requirements for motherboards are no longer clear to everyone.

Let’s tell you what it is all about :

  • Secure Boot is a secure boot mode in UEFI (modern BIOS version ), it is needed to prevent malicious code from running on a PC;
  • TPM is a chip for securely storing encryption keys, it is needed to protect your data from viruses that start working before the OS is loaded, or run in stealth mode and are not recognized by antivirus software.

Simply put, Windows 11 has seriously raised the bar for security.

T EPER about how to check whether they have any :

  • EFI :  press Win + R , enter msinfo32 , and look at the items BIOS Modeand Secure Boot State:

  • TPM : press Win + R again , enter tpm.msc . If there is a module, then we will see information about it. If there is no module or it is disabled, the system will show the corresponding message:

In azhno : In most motherboards TPM-module is implemented not as a hardware chip, and as a program. It can be disabled, so when you check while Jet that TPM find you can not. In this case, the module can be turned on independently.

How to enable TPM 2.0 in BIOS:

  1. We reboot the computer and go into the BIOS with the F2, Del or F9 key (google the button for your MP model).
  2. We are looking for AMD fTPM items on motherboards for AMD processors or Intel PPT (Platform Trust Technology) for Intel. On different motherboards, they can hide in different sections of the BIOS settings.
  3. We turn them on.
  4. We start the computer completely and check for the presence of TMP again .

Program s to check compatibility

If you do not want to manually find out if the minimum system requirements are met, you can do this using a special program. The software checks everything automatically and shows whether your build is suitable, or whether Windows 11 cannot be started on this computer.

First, the proprietary program – PC Health Check – was presented by Microsoft themselves But it was almost immediately removed: the program often showed an incorrect result – it could give out that the PC did not meet the requirements, even if everything went well, and vice versa. Therefore, now it is being finished, and will be returned to service in the fall.

And the application WhyNotWin11 came to replace it from enthusiasts:

Don’t worry: the program has open source code, posted on GitHub ( you can also download the latest version there by scrolling down to Assets and clicking on WhyNotWin11.exe ) , so there is no danger in it. The application will compare the PC by 11 criteria and show whether it can handle Windows 11 or not.

How to install official Windows 11

Option for those whose PC fully meets the requirements of the new OS. The update is available only through Windows Update, it is now impossible to officially download Windows 11 from the Microsoft website .

When moving your applications and files are not deleted, all licenses remain , but since the new OS is still wet, before installing recommend that you save all important data.

How to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11:

  1. Create a Microsoft account , if you did not have one, and link the account to the PC To do this, open the Settings – Accounting records , and click Sign in to your account Microsoft:
  2. We register here in the Windows Insider program Important: to register, you must use the same Microsoft account under which you are working in Win10 now.
  3. Go to Settings – Update & Security , select the Windows Insider Program at the bottom left , and click Get Started :

T EPER must choose the way in which the PC will receive updates Win11. There are 3 options in the list:

  • Developer Channel ( Dev) . This is where updates appear the fastest, but in their rawest form. So far, Windows 11 is only distributed through this channel, but later, the next 2 options will probably become active as well.
  • Beta channel . Here comes developer updates, already verified by Microsoft, which means they are more stable.
  • Pre-release channel . The pre-release versions, which are almost ready for regular users, are the most stable.

You can go further, there are only a couple of steps left:

  1. In Windows Update ,  click Check for Updates .
  2. If everything is done correctly, a button should appear to start the update to Windows 11 Insider Preview with a version number. We press and wait for about an hour. The PC will reboot several times during the update process.

How to install Windows 11 on an old PC

If you are afraid to install an OS on the main computer, before the normal release of which there is still half a year, you can run it on an old computer or put it on a virtual machine. For this, a “clean” installation is suitable in the good old way – from the image.

Installing Windows 11 from a USB flash drive: instructions

  • Download the ISO image. The download page on the Microsoft website is not yet available, but the Windows 11 image is already on Rutrecker, including the Russian version.
  • Download and install the Rufus program (UltraISO or any other that allows you to create bootable flash drives).
  • Create a bootable USB flash drive There are already instructions specifically for Windows 11:

  • We insert the bootable USB flash drive into the desired PC and start the installation from it (below is a video with detailed instructions). Win11 is installed in the same way as previous versions of Windows, only the visual design of the installer has changed :

How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0

If Mr and your PC does not have  a TPM, or Secure Boost, and you still try to install Windows 11 – the system will display the following error:

But it can be easily circumvented. For this you need to install Win11 like this:

  1. Download the Windows 11 ISO image , use Rufus or another program to create a bootable USB flash drive (there is a video instruction just above).
  2. We create. txt file and copy to it:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ Setup \ LabConfig]

    “BypassTPMCheck” = dword: 00000001

    “BypassSecureBootCheck” = dword: 00000001

  3. Save the file with the extension All files and the name Bypass.reg to a bootable USB flash drive.
  4. We start the installation of Windows 11 from the USB stick as usual.
  5. At the stage of entering the key, select I do not have a product key .
  6. When the installer displays the message This PC can’t run Windows 11 , press Shift + F10.
  7. In the command line, write notepad or notepad.exe and press Enter.
  8. In the opened Notepad, click File – Open , find our Bypass.reg file on the bootable USB flash drive and click Merge .
  9. We select the desired version of Windows 11 in the installer, and continue with the installation.

Windows 11 activation

If you are not updating from a licensed “dozen”, but installing an image of Windows 11 from torrents, the system will have to be activated after installation. This can be done using a standard KMS activator, or using a key from Win10 . We have a guide on how to buy a full license key for $ 3-4

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