Reasons why you must not gift android phone to elderly relatives

It is very difficult to choose a gift, and even more so for elderly relatives. It is very difficult to choose something with which there will be no problems. In addition, I want the gift to be really practical and understandable. Recently, my mom made a fatal mistake – she bought Honor as a present for her mom (my grandmother). Granny will turn 77, but she copes well with modern technology – she has an iPad, a FullHD TV connected to the Internet, a laptop (it is more difficult to cope with it, despite the fact that I have been clearly explaining the same thing to her for 7 years). But donating an Android smartphone is a great way to make life difficult not only for her, but also for me, because someone has to explain how to use it.

Today I will tell you why, under no circumstances, should you choose an Android smartphone for an elderly person as a gift. Remember what you said and never repeat these mistakes!

How to use an Android smartphone

Android is considered to be very user-friendly because you can customize anything in it. It has a lot of settings and it doesn’t always help. Sometimes there are so many settings, menu items and options that even an ordinary user will find it difficult to get out of there, finding what he needs. Imagine what it would be like for an elderly person?

Let’s say a granny makes one awkward hand movement and instead of a video call fails in some Google Play. You say, they say, nothing terrible will happen – wandered around and left there. It’s good when you’re young. It’s quite different when you have been using an understandable push-button telephone all your life, which you just need to take out of the box and insert a sim card.

And if we add to this the fact that each manufacturer sculpts its own shell? It will take a very long time to explain …

The Android interface is tricky. To begin with, if you yourself do not understand it, you will have to understand the system yourself, and then explain to the elderly person where to press and where not to press. This is a huge flaw in Android.

Which Android smartphone to choose

There are so many smartphones on Android that you don’t know which one will fit: cheaper, more expensive, bigger screen, shockproof, pure Android … They appear like mushrooms after rain. It is impossible to choose the ideal option – one day this purchase will still come out sideways to you at the wrong moment.

Older people think that the cooler (and bigger) a phone is, the more features it has. You will have to buy the one that works more adequately, but it will cost you a lump sum. One day your grandmother or grandfather will accidentally forget the phone on the bench in the yard – we are not in Europe, the phone will not last even half an hour . As a result, you get a frustrated relative and a lost smartphone with all sorts of data.

Android is slower than iOS

Older people are used to using things as long as possible. We change our smartphones every year or two, and they go with it for 4-6 years, even longer. Over time, the system starts to slow down: optimization no longer helps. Mistakenly opened applications run in the background. Add to this that the speed of the system depends on the manufacturer and its shell, which uses RAM and slows down the system performance . You can install the simplest application and it will start to slow down over time.

Elderly people need a simple, clear and always stable working device that will always be at hand. Here Android is again inferior to even an outdated iOS device such as the iPhone 5S.

Android phone sits down quickly

Elderly users are distinguished by the fact that the smartphone is idle for a long time. They can forget it in another room, not use it for three or four days. As a result, the smartphone is discharged and turned off.

On Android, the software affects the operating time. And the more affordable the cost of the device, the worse the software optimization. There are exceptions, but the overall picture is clear. Do not forget that an elderly person will need a smartphone with a larger screen in order to see the text well – this also affects an already energy-consuming system.

Viruses in Android

The Android app store is a mess. For example, my grandmother is advised by some of my friends (a little younger) to install an application, she will try to do this and accidentally install something completely different for herself – something will go wrong, she will start calling me and say: “There appeared on the screen plate, I need some number, I entered and now they demand money from me for some kind of subscription – I click on the screen, but nothing happens! ” The trouble? The trouble. And a headache. Unfortunately, you will have to move the smartphone away and use the landline telephone again.

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