Retouch on Phone: Best Android Photo Retouching Apps

The photo capabilities of modern smartphones allow you to take pictures at the level of decent cameras. But the reality is that a good camera alone is not enough. Almost every photo, especially if it is rubbed, needs to be processed: tidy up the skin, smooth out wrinkles on the face, or simply remove objects that accidentally fall into the frame.

Fortunately, any retouching on your phone is done in a few clicks, if you have a suitable program at hand. For our readers, we have selected the best photo retouching applications for Android. Most of them are completely free to download, so be sure to test at least a few options.

# 7 – Pixl: Face Photo Editor

Pixl is a convenient application with good tools that does not require registration and financial investments from the user. There are not so many functions here as in the top of the rating, but you can use it to perform basic photo retouching on your phone. You can cleanse the skin by removing cosmetic imperfections, or, conversely, emphasize the face by increasing the detail of individual elements. At the same time, you can select the work area yourself, wielding your finger like a brush.

Other useful features include teeth whitening for a Hollywood smile and an acne remover that works well automatically.

Despite the fact that the software is distributed free of charge, there is no advertising in it. Another trump card is the intuitive interface: all the tools are located at the bottom of the screen and are easily accessible. The main disadvantage is that there is no Russian language in the application. But to use Pixl, you only need basic knowledge of English, so this is unlikely to be a big problem.

# 6 – AirBrush

An excellent face retouching application for Android is AirBrush. There are significantly more features here than in Pixl, and most of them are offered in the free version. You will have to subscribe to access more advanced tools that allow you to adjust the shape of the face, smooth out wrinkles and blur the background. The developers give a 7-day trial period to test it.

But for most users, what the free version of AirBrush has to offer is enough. The application allows you to remove acne, change hair color and angle of the photo, thereby leveling the consequences of shooting from a poor angle, highlight certain areas, making them more visible, or soften them with a concealer.

For each tool there is a window with a hint and a visual example of how to use it. In short, for a free program, the functionality here is impressive. The interface is standard – everything is clear when you first start it, there is Russian language, so you won’t have to waste time mastering the software.

№5 – Lensa

Lensa is an advanced retouching software. The fully functional program is distributed free of charge, but with the proviso that only 5 photos can be edited per week. You can get more by inviting a friend (plus 50 more free treatments) or by purchasing a paid subscription.

Lensa not only has filters and basic tools for adjusting exposure, contrast and other image parameters, but also advanced retouching functions. For example, you can blur the background, correct the face by removing skin imperfections and bags under the eyes, change the color of the hair, the size of the lips, nose, eyes, and the shape of the face.

There is also a fully automatic mode: when you press just one button, the application independently optimizes the photo, and most often the picture is really transformed for the better. For those who want to quickly post something on Instagram, and not fool around with manual settings, this is an excellent option. Well, for enthusiasts who prefer to control each processing step on their own, then there are cooler programs.

# 4 – Pixlr

Pixlr continues the rating of the best retouching apps for Android. This is a real combine, in which you can create collages, use cool filters, apply artistic text and work with the color of pictures. There is a unique double exposure function that allows you to combine several photos into one, creating unusual photomixes. You can upload images not only from the memory of your smartphone, but also directly from cloud storage like Google Photos.

Pixlr has a basic set of features for retouching – there are no unique features like changing the oval of a face, like Lensa. The toolkit is limited to pinpoint defect correction, sharpening, background blur, etc. If that’s enough for you, Pixlr is definitely worth a try. True, you have to put up with a significant amount of advertising in the free version of the application.

# 3 – Facetune2

  • Download: Google Play
  • Free version: three days (more than 69 rubles per month or 299 rubles / year)

If you need deep retouching of a photo on Android, we recommend that you pay attention to Facetune2. It contains a huge number of tools that allow you to do whatever your heart desires with the photo. And almost all of them are geared towards improving selfies.

For example, you can remove imperfections and even out skin tone, change the shape of the eyes, the shape of the jaw, the thickness of the eyebrows, lips, whiten teeth, remove the effect of red pupils, and so on. Unfortunately, almost all of these functions are available only when purchasing a subscription, and the free version of the photo editor is not much different from competitors, and advertising is also very annoying here. But the subscription is cheaper than the others, and the hacked version of the software is not so difficult to find.

№2 – TouchRetouch

  • Download: Google Play
  • Free version: no (119 rubles for a free subscription)

Silver of the top, which contains the best programs for retouching for Android, goes to TouchRetouch. This is a cool, but quite specific program that is not suitable for everyone. The trick is that it was created not to process selfies, but to remove unwanted objects from the frame. Moreover, you can imperceptibly clean not only cups, cigarettes and other trifles, but really large objects and even whole people. In this regard, TouchRetouch has no competitors.

The program costs only 119 rubles, which is very affordable for such functionality. And if you want to test it first, google the cracked version of the app.

# 1 – Snapseed

No matter how convenient specialized applications like Facetune are, professional retouching on the phone is still done in advanced photo editors. And Snapseed is the best of these programs. Having mastered it, you can get pictures like from top bloggers, and on your own and absolutely free.

Retouching in Snapseed is done manually. A healing brush is available for cleaning skin blemishes, smoothing, correcting light and shade, whitening teeth, lightening eyes, correcting head position and a lot of serious tools for working with color.

Snapseed supports uploading RAW files, which is extremely rare among photo editors for retouching on Android. Also in the application there is a huge set of ready-made filters for color correction. It does not load the hardware, it functions stably even on weak devices and does not annoy with advertising. Almost ideal application for any tasks related to processing photos on smartphones.

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