Scammers have come up with a new way of robbing advanced smartphone users with NFC

2 Oct, 2021 apkboom No Comments

Scammers have come up with a new way of robbing advanced smartphone users with NFC

Scammers have come up with a new way of robbing advanced smartphone users with NFC

Fraudsters do not stand still: as soon as the schemes with begging for confirmation codes from SMS became less effective, the scammers switched to a more difficult to implement, but still unfamiliar to the masses method of stealing money using contactless payments via NFC.

The beginning of the scheme is classic: burglars call under the guise of bank security and intimidate the victim that they are allegedly trying to steal money from her card. They do not ask for any passwords, but give the details of their card and offer to link this “secure” account to a smartphone (via Google Pay or Apple Pay). Next, the fraudster convinces the person to go to an ATM with an NFC reader and transfer money there.

This is done as simply as possible: you just need to bring your card to the ATM, select the money transfer, indicate the amount and lean your smartphone there. Under the influence of stress, deceived people do not see the catch. They think they are transferring money to themselves, because the card is tied to their phone. But since the plastic itself remains at the disposal of the fraudsters, the money immediately disappears after transferring from it. This deception scenario is relatively recent and has been gaining popularity since June 2021.

Despite the technical know-how, the main essence of the scheme remains the same – using social engineering methods to convince a potential victim that she has already been attacked by fraudsters, and the attacker in contact with her is allegedly trying to help her from the bank. The know-how here is the very moment of binding the card to the device, which is quite easy to carry out using the card numbers without going through any identity confirmation.

Nevertheless, the proportion of people using Apple and Google Pay relative to the total number of bank card holders is small, and the very complexity and multi-stage nature of the scheme can scare off potential victims who have time to think about the adequacy of their actions. Therefore, experts believe that the new divorce scheme will not become widespread. And the best defense against this kind of fraud is still ignoring calls and messages of a financial nature. If you hear any suspicious information, contact the bank directly.

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