Scratched, bent, burned: iPhone 13 Pro Max passed strength tests

JerryRigEverything is a well-known video blogger who has made a name for himself by testing various gadgets for durability. He also got to the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. During the tests, the blogger checked how the phone for 110 thousand rubles tolerates the effects of fire, whether it is easy to scratch its screen, and also tried to break the flagship device with his bare hands.

iPhone 12 fell in price immediately after the release of iPhone 13.

It turned out that the thirteenth generation Ceramic Shield protective glass is much stronger than its predecessor. It was only scratched when exposed to an abrasive with a hardness of 6 units on the Moss scale, and the degree of damage was significantly less than that of the iPhone 12. The situation was similar when trying to damage the protective glass of the main camera.

As for the fire, after 30 seconds of contact with the flame of the lighter, there was no distortion on the screen, although in this test the matrix is ​​often covered with burnt spots on cheaper devices.

It didn’t work out for Zach to break the phone in half. When squeezed by bending, the device began to crunch noticeably, but the case retained its original shape without deformations and cracks. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a perimeter frame made of steel, which is stronger than the aluminum frame found on regular iPhone 13s.

From all this, we can conclude that the new iPhones have no problems with the build quality. It is clear that no one will subject a smartphone to such tests in everyday life, but an expensive device must survive an accidental fall or blow.

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