That is why you need to put your signature on the back of your bank card

Most bank cards have a white stripe on the back. This is the place for the owner’s personal signature, which he must leave on the plastic by hand. However, many people do not see much sense in this, because why sign when everything is already working. Although this is understandable, it is still a wrong position. We will tell you why it is so important to sign your bank card.

What is the meaning of the signature on the card

According to the regulations of most banks, the card cannot be given to the client at all until he signs on it. On the same cards from “Sberbank” there is even a note “Not valid without signature.” However, in reality, employees often neglect this rule, leaving the signature on the client’s conscience. And the client is in no hurry to sign and generally wonders why he should do it.

Let us explain. The signature is an additional way to identify the owner along with the name and surname on the card, the linked phone number, PIN and CVC / CVV codes. In other words, a personal signature is another protection against fraud in case someone else gets hold of your card. After all, the signature can be easily verified.

Of course, this type of identification is rarely resorted to, because the rest are corny more convenient. However, this does not mean at all that one day you will not be faced with the verification of the signature and will not find yourself in an uncomfortable position, because the signature itself is not on the plastic.

Why is it better to subscribe

Imagine the situation. As usual, you decided to stop by the nearest store to buy some groceries for the evening. Take what you need, go to the checkout to pay, but then problems arise. You’ve come across an overly pedantic salesperson who strictly observes the rules. He decides to check if you are a fraud, and requires proof that the bank card belongs to you.

You don’t have your passport with you, so there is no identification by first and last name. If the card had a signature, you could just sign the check. And it would be enough for the seller to visually verify the signatures, and then calmly serve you, apologizing for the trouble.

Of course, the likelihood of stumbling upon such a seller is very low, so most people freely use bank cards without a signature. But low does not mean zero. And unpleasant things tend to happen at the most inconvenient moment. Signing the plastic is a matter of two seconds, do not be lazy and insure yourself.

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