The world’s largest cut diamond sold for $4.3 million in cryptocurrency

The largest natural diamond ever put up for sale, the giant black Enigma , was sold during a Sotheby’s auction. The purchase price was $4.3 million and settlements were made in cryptocurrency.

The auction house, by tradition, does not disclose the name of the owner, but the lucky person turned to the world on Twitter – entrepreneur Richard Hart shared his joy from the purchase and announced plans to give the stone a new name in honor of the crypto-lending company he owns.

The weight of this monster is 555 carats, which is equal to 112 grams. Prior to this, the largest known diamonds were the Big Star of Africa – its weight is 530.2 carats, and the Golden Jubilee – 545.67 carats, respectively. Enigma is presented in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest cut diamond in the world.

Enigma belongs to the carbonado class, such diamonds are cheaper than gemstones, but at the same time they are the most difficult to grind and cut. The processing of Enigma took more than three years, and in the process, the weight of the stone was significantly reduced – initially it exceeded 800 carats. According to geologists, the diamond is of extraterrestrial origin and appeared on Earth about 2.6 billion years ago when a meteorite or asteroid fell.

“It is believed that this particular type of black diamond is formed either by a meteorite impact, which causes chemical vapor deposition. Or it is of extraterrestrial origin, that is, it was formed as a result of a supernova explosion and the formation of diamond-bearing asteroids that collide with the Earth, ”writes Sotheby’s.

The name of the seller is not disclosed, but it is known that the stone was kept in a private collection for at least twenty years, and came to the previous owner in an uncut form. As for the participation of cryptocurrency in the transaction, this is not the first experience for Sotheby’s – back in 2021, The Key 1038 colorless diamond weighing 101.38 carats was sold for an impressive $12.3 million.

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