This app will show if your smartphone is waterproof

This app will show if your smartphone is waterproof

The Play Market contains a lot of applications for Android smartphones, including unique software, the functionality of which is difficult even to imagine. Recently, one such program has become more – the Water Resistance Tester app has appeared, which checks whether a specific smartphone has moisture protection.

To do this, you don’t even need to submerge it in water – the software uses a built-in barometer, which is found in almost every modern device. To test, you need to apply firm pressure to the display with two thumbs. The Water Resistance Tester will analyze the pressure data from the barometer and determine if the device is tight. Simple and practical.

The developer of the program, Ray Weng, says he created it so that people can test the effectiveness of moisture protection after repair and how its properties deteriorate during the use of the device.

The man adds that the test should not be taken as an axiom – he may well be wrong. However, users from the Reddit forum report a high degree of effectiveness of the application. The Water Resistance Tester is not fooled by devices that do not have a declared moisture protection, while the IP-certified models pass the test. True, until the moment of removing the tray with SIM-cards, which is quite logical.

Water Resistance Tester is distributed free of charge, but has ads showing at the bottom of the screen. If you want to get rid of it and at the same time thank the developer for his work, you can donate $ 1, but this is purely voluntary.

We attach a link to the application – click .

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