This simple device is able to protect you from noisy neighbors

This simple device is able to protect you from noisy neighbors

It is believed that for a comfortable life, the noise level at home should not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. But in reality, modern apartments are not as good as we would like. Scientists have long estimated that a person playing in their home makes 80 decibels of noise. A working vacuum cleaner is even more disturbing – its volume is estimated at 93 decibels.

But the neighbors who drill the wall and make noise at the level of 105 decibels are considered the record holders for the level of annoyance. Unfortunately, few people can afford a good soundproofing system today. But the situation may change soon, because Swedish scientists have developed the simplest and cheapest device that can block noise. It is a slightly modified screw used to hold planks and other house components together.

An interesting fact: if a person is exposed to noise at the level of 70-90 decibels for a long time, he may develop diseases of the nervous system. And if the noise level exceeds 100 decibels, a person can completely lose his hearing. So loud music may be cool, but we are doing ourselves a lot of harm.

The cheapest soundproofing

An unusually simple but effective noise suppression device was featured in the New Atlas . Its developers are employees of the University of Malmö, which is located in Sweden. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary screw, but there is one small change in the design. Above is the usual flat head, with which the screw can be screwed into different surfaces using a screwdriver. Below there is a familiar carved part for everyone. But the part in the middle has a spring. It is in it that the whole secret lies – it does not allow sounds to spread, due to which noise insulation is improved.

The developers have already tested their invention in real conditions. They screwed in several of these screws to the walls of a wooden house with a plasterboard cladding. It was very important that the screw was firmly seated in the wall and its flat head was flush with the wall. Sound insulation is ensured by the fact that the spring in the middle forms a gap between the wooden wall and the drywall. When people in the neighborhood start making noise, the sound waves travel through the wooden wall of the house and into the sound-absorbing screw. The spring prevents vibrations from being transmitted to the drywall and the noise of neighbors becomes noticeably quieter.

Effectiveness of a new invention

According to the calculations of the researchers, the miracle screw is able to reduce the noise level by as much as 9 decibels. Some sources give the same example. Let’s say the noise level on a quiet street is estimated at 50 decibels. And the “loudness” of a quiet room is 40 decibels. It turns out that the screw developed by Swedish scientists is able to transfer an apartment from the state of a quiet street to a state of a quiet room, and this is very good. But personally, it seems to me that it would be more logical to give another example. Above, I noted that the vacuum cleaner makes a noise of 93 decibels. It turns out that the Swedish screws used in homes suppress this noise to 84 decibels. Let’s be honest – if you look at the results from this side, they are not so impressive.

However, the researchers also tested their invention in a hairdressing salon. According to them, the sound is absorbed very well. The new screws have become a replacement for the usual ones on the ceiling – probably, the scientists wanted to save the inhabitants of the lower floors from the constant stomping. According to project manager Hakan Wernersson, the propellers they have developed are more expensive than conventional propellers, but he did not give an exact price. But if you look at their invention as a soundproofing system, it is not that expensive. In addition, the engineer emphasized that the cost of their propellers will go down because they will gradually take less time to manufacture.

Based on the results of recent research, such screws will be needed by the neighbors of lonely people. Recently I talked about how loners prefer noise more than others and therefore love to listen to loud music. It is believed that loud noises help people feel in society. This is just self-hypnosis, but getting rid of the feeling of loneliness is very important because it leads to depression .

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