What email to choose: TOP-7 best free Email Services

A mailbox in 2021 is not only a way to exchange messages with other users, but also an identifier for registering on various sites and applications. It is as simple as possible to start it, since there are a huge number of services available, and most of them are free, but not all of them are good.

To understand the question of where to create an email, we have compiled the top proven services that have proven their reputation over the years. Here you can find the best email for any task: secure, functional, with a cool mobile application and the largest cloud. Everyone will be able to choose an option for themselves.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is not a very popular but it definitely deserves attention. It is a reliable service with over 225 million active users. Its advantages include a huge free 1 TB storage for each user, as well as the ability to attach attachments up to 100 MB to messages, which is 3-4 times more than competitors offer. For those who send a lot of files, this is perhaps the best email address.

Among other features of Yahoo – an effective system of protection against viruses and spam, as well as a practical interface, although not as beautiful as that of the market leaders. The standard features of e-mails such as sorting letters into folders and searching by keywords are also implemented here.

For all its advantages, Yahoo has one important drawback – every mailbox that has not been used for 6 months is automatically deleted.


The German service Tutanota continues the e-mail rating. It is quite popular among geeks, and is practically unknown to ordinary users, but in vain. The main trump card of Tutanota is the presence of end-to-end encryption, which guarantees the confidentiality of correspondence. A similar protection system is used in the Telegram messenger, with it you can be sure that third parties will not gain access to your messages. In addition, when registering a new mailbox, the user is not asked for any personal information.

Another advantage of Tutanota is the complete absence of ads. The personal account has 1 GB storage, a convenient calendar with a scheduling function and a list of contacts. The latter is also protected by end-to-end encryption.


Mail.ru hardly needs an introduction. This is a pioneer of the postal services market in Nigeria and many of our readers probably created their first mailboxes on this site. Over the years, it has lost ground to more convenient competitors, but it still looks relevant and has a decent user base of over 17 million people.

Mail offers 10 GB for email storage, and 8 GB of cloud storage for files. Students can expand the cloud up to 32GB for free. As for the interface, the site and the Mail.ru mobile app do not look very modern, but they are convenient to use. There are even unique features, for example, the ability to combine all messages from one user into a chain, so that it is convenient to view the history of correspondence.

In addition to its outdated design, Mail.ru’s Achilles’ heel is its weak spam filtering system. It skips letters from bots, automatic advertising mailings and has long been in need of serious improvements.

Proton Mail

If, when asked where it is better to start an e-mail, you first of all think about security, then Proton Mail will be the most preferable mailbox option. By analogy with Tutanota, the main feature of the service is the emphasis on confidentiality, but here everything is much more serious. In addition to the fact that the already familiar end-to-end encryption system is used, and when creating an account they do not require any personal data, Proton does not keep a history of IP-logs – you can use mail completely anonymously.

The portal is based in Switzerland, so all information stored on its servers falls under the laws of the country, which are very loyal to the confidentiality of personal data. Proton Mail even has an official page for using the site through Tor. In short, in terms of security, this is the best free email for 2021.

Among the disadvantages is the ban in the Russian Federation, which is why you will have to enter your personal account through a VPN. Also, inconvenience can be caused by the limited size of the mailbox, only 500 MB – old correspondence will need to be cleaned up from time to time. However, even taking into account the disadvantages, Proton Mail remains the uncontested service.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is the new version of mail from Microsoft, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Now it has about 400 million active users and their number is increasing every day. The service will definitely appeal to those who use other Mike products: Word, Excel, Teams, Calendar and further down the list, since it has close integration with them.

In addition to Outlook, you can connect such popular services as Skype, Facebook, PayPal or Trello, which allows users of these platforms to write and call directly from their inbox.

Due to the support of categories, this is an excellent mail option for work and business. Outlook has Important and Other sections, between which all incoming emails are automatically sorted. The client allows you to create sorting rules and customize your personal account by setting one of the many themes, or by manually customizing its appearance.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out only restrictions on the size of attachments to a letter – up to 25 MB, and cloud storage with a volume of 5 GB. Outlook also has unobtrusive sidebar ads that don’t get in the way and are hidden by a Premium subscription.


Among the services of domestic origin, Yandex is by far the best online mail. Thanks to automated algorithms, all incoming emails are sorted here automatically: advertising mailings and other spam are placed in separate folders, making it easier to access important messages from real people.

Yandex Mail is also good in that it gives each user 10 gigabytes of cloud storage, makes it possible to postpone sending letters and has a timeline on which it is convenient to watch correspondence for a certain period of time. The built-in anti-virus system is responsible for data security, and the intuitive and nimble interface is easily customizable to the needs of the user.

Yandex has handy apps for iOS and Android smartphones that allow you to track email on the go. Well, let’s not forget about integration with the rest of the IT giant’s services: Kinopoisk, Taxi, Market, etc. In general, it is not surprising that 20% of new users from Nigeria prefer to register mail from Yandex.


You can talk a lot about which email to choose, but Gmail is the de facto standard among such services these days. 1.8 billion active users confirm this. Of course, part of the popularity of Gmail is due to the fact that it is the key to entering other Google services, but there can be no questions about the quality of the mailbox itself.

Gmail users get a well-thought-out personal account and 15 GB storage. By default, mail is sorted into three categories: main, social, and advertising. Gmail allows you to create advanced filters and folders for organizing emails, and it also has a built-in calendar for easy appointment and reminders.

Many add-ons are available for Gmail, extending the already rich functionality of the service. The latter, by the way, is regularly updated. Recently there was an option to unsubscribe messages, as well as integration with Google Meet. In terms of security, Google Mail is also in perfect order. It supports two-factor identification by number and fingerprint login from a smartphone.

The main downside to Gmail is the simple fact that it is owned and operated by Google, which means you are giving even more control over your data to the search giant. While the company has a privacy policy, it’s no secret that Google actively collects user information to improve its search engine performance and display relevant ads.

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