What you need to know about WhatsApp Plus; advanced version of WhatsApp

Whatsapp Plus

What is WhatsApp+

I think you have seen ads on the Internet more than once, or at least heard about WhatsApp + , WhatsApp Plus , or WhatsApp Plus . As it is not called, but the essence does not change from this. Relatively speaking, this is an improved modification of the messenger, which offers a wider range of possibilities than its original version. Sounds cool, but does that mean it’s worth using? I will try to explain it on my fingers, because your safety and the safety of your correspondence depend on this.

If you’re wondering if WhatsApp Plus is safe – I mean the real one – then, relatively speaking, yes. Its purpose is only to offer you additional options. It is on this that many “advanced” users are bought, who allegedly lack the functionality of the original application. But what are these functions?

What WhatsApp Plus Can Do

Whatsapp plus


Quite frankly, WhatsApp Plus doesn’t offer anything supernatural . After all, changing the design of the messenger, adjusting the fonts is pure whim, hiding the profile image is stupid, and sending and downloading media files in original quality is also available in the original application .

I don’t know about you, but I see no reason for myself to download WhatsApp Plus . Another thing is that this is often used by cybercriminals who distribute malicious applications under the guise of an advanced version of the messenger. To attract victims, they promise not only the functions described above, but also the ability to change or delete an already sent message in WhatsApp .

Of course, there is no way to delete a message or change its content after an hour after sending it to WhatsApp , and even WhatsApp Plus does not add this feature. This is impossible, because messages are processed on servers, and in order to change or delete them, you need to send the appropriate command to the servers, but the service itself does not provide such an opportunity.

Is it worth using Whatsapp Plus


Does this mean that WhatsApp Plus can be used if you download the real version, and not a fake one from cybercriminals, provided that you have enough “officially” declared functions? Well, not really. The point is that WhatsApp is not an open source project. That is, unlike Telegram, it prohibits the use of custom clients.

And those who still do not obey the rules of the messenger are considered violators with whom WhatsApp has only one punishment – blocking. How exactly the messenger tracks those who use the custom version of the application is unknown. Moreover, it is not known if WhatsApp has any moderators at all . But, be that as it may, the management of the service clearly says that fans of WhatsApp Plus will be banned .

Personally, if I were you, I would never risk it. And here it is not even a matter of fear of blocking, although this is also a rather unpleasant measure. The point is that WhatsApp does not provide for the use of alternative clients, and therefore does not have adequate protection. That is, by logging into a custom application with your account, you merge your correspondence and all the related data to someone unknown.

Telegram is different. It was originally created as an open source project. Therefore, from the very beginning, the developers provided protective mechanisms in its code that ensure the safety of messages and transmitted files from the creators of custom applications. Thanks to them, you can use any Telegram clients, regardless of who created them, and you won’t get anything for it. But it won’t work with WhatsApp.

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