Why do people cover Wi-Fi routers with foil. Should I do this?

In some apartments, you can stumble upon an unusual picture – routers covered or even completely wrapped in foil. Judging by the photographs from various forums, this is far from an isolated phenomenon. And many are interested in figuring out why people generally wrap Wi-Fi routers with foil. Should I do this?

Foil and radiation

It’s easy to guess the real reason. Many people who are far from technology consider electromagnetic radiation from routers to be hazardous to health and try to reduce the harm to the best of their imagination and available means. So a router appears in the dwelling, wrapped in food foil. It turns out funny and ineffective, just right to remember the classic memes about a foil hat.

Even several layers of foil do not properly shield the device. And if they really did screen it, then the owner would have problems with the Internet due to a weak signal from the router. Even without taking into account the fact that the frequency at which routers operate is absolutely safe for humans. Usually these devices operate in the 2.4 GHz band, more advanced ones cover 5 GHz. Both comply with internationally accepted safety standards.

Wrapping a router with foil is also a stupid idea because there is more than one router around you. It is enough to look at the list of wireless networks around, there is a similar device in almost every apartment. And also electromagnetic radiation is emitted by wiring, a microwave oven, and finally cell towers, from which you can not get away with all the desire. Perhaps by moving to live in a fully shielded bunker and donning a spacesuit.

What is the threat of a foil-wrapped router

But lack of efficiency is still not a good reason not to do something. You never know, for someone the foil around the router brings a sense of psychological security, albeit a false one. You shouldn’t wrap the router anyway, simply because it can be dangerous.

Any electrical device, including a router, heats up. To prevent the temperature from rising too much, there are ventilation holes in routers for a reason. In a foil-wrapped router, all ventilation is shut off, and this is a guaranteed overheating of the device, which can lead to breakdown or, worst of all, fire. Do not be fooled by bad examples from the Internet, if you do not want to be left without equipment, or even completely burn down the apartment.

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