Xiaomi Oclean Flow review. The right electric toothbrush for everyone

Good electric toothbrushes are not cheap. However, here, as in the world of smartphones, young Chinese manufacturers come to the rescue, offering devices with a better price / quality ratio than the old-timers of the market.

Oclean is one such company. The brand from the Xiaomi ecosystem has recently released a new Flow Sonic model, which can be a real boon for people looking after their dental health. The brush turned out to be inexpensive, of high quality and functional. Let’s get to know it in more detail.

Price and characteristics

  • Type: sonic electric brush;
  • Maximum speed: 38000 rpm;
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh;
  • Working time: 180 days;
  • Charging: by Type-C;
  • Charging time: 5 hours;
  • Operating modes: 5;
  • Timer: 2 minutes with 30 second warnings;
  • Dimensions: length – 26 cm, weight – 131 g;
  • Waterproof: IPX7.

Oclean Flow Sonic is available on the YouPin platform for $ 28.99

Contents of delivery

The Flow Sonic comes in a cardboard box with a sturdy plastic insert that protects the device from damage. The package includes the brush itself, one replacement attachment, a Type-C charging cable and instructions.

Design and ergonomics

The Oclean Flow Sonic is available in three colors: blue, orange and white. I got the last version, which looks very nice live. The main part of the brush is made of matte plastic with light gray decorative inserts. On it there is a power button and indicators of cleaning modes, which are highlighted during operation.

The removable head has a glossy finish, slips on tightly and sits securely when cleaning. If necessary, the nozzle can be replaced, the price of the issue is $ 18.99 for a set of 4 pcs. A wall holder ($ 9.99) and a travel case ($ 12.99) are also available on the manufacturer’s website from accessories.

The brush is charged through the Type-C port, which is located at the bottom end under the rubber plug. The lack of proprietary charging is a definite plus of this model – you do not need to store another unnecessary adapter, and in field conditions, the brush can be quickly recharged anywhere.

The manufacturer claims protection against moisture according to the IPX7 standard, which allows you to clean the brush under running water and use it in the shower. Of course, the body tightness is ensured only when the plug is completely closed, but it sits tightly and does not require constant monitoring – the main thing is not to forget to insert it immediately after charging.

The device has a comfortable weight and fits comfortably in the hand. Due to its considerable length, in terms of ergonomics, the brush feels like a scalpel, which can be operated with jewelry precision in remote areas of the mouth. The Flow Sonic is noticeably more comfortable to use than my old Oral-B brush.

However, the 26 cm gun has not only its advantages, but also certain disadvantages. The brush is not very stable in an upright position, and there are no stops on the body that would fix it on its side. Therefore, I would not risk storing the device on an unstable shelf, even despite the fact that due to the correct weight distribution, the brush lies with its bristles up and does not try to roll off a flat surface.

I can also find fault with the small gap that remains in the place where the nozzle joins the body. Otherwise, perfectionism aside, there are no questions about the workmanship of Oclean – the device looks and feels very pleasant in the hands.


The brush is equipped with a brushless magnetic motor that develops up to 38,000 vibrations per minute. That is, Flow Sonic belongs to the category of sonic toothbrushes.


The battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh is responsible for autonomous work. According to the manufacturer, it holds a charge for 180 days (based on two sessions of two minutes daily).

When the battery level drops below 10%, the indicator around the power button starts blinking red.


Modes are switched on and controlled with a single button. The modes change in a circle within 5 seconds after turning on the brush – at this time, the indicator on the body flashes quickly. As soon as the icon starts to light continuously, pressing the button turns off the brush.

The device always turns on in the mode that was last used.



The Flow Sonic has a built-in timer to ensure that you brush your teeth for a sufficient amount of time. Every 30 seconds, the vibration is momentarily suspended, making it clear that you need to move to a new area of ​​the teeth, and after 2 minutes of operation, the device automatically turns off.


There are five brushing modes available: morning, night, standard, whitening and gentle. All of them are described in detail in the instruction manual:

  • The morning mode is characterized by a medium vibration frequency and is designed to remove plaque formed during sleep. Power 3/5
  • Night mode . The vibration speed is increased to the maximum, ensuring effective removal of daytime food residues and deep cleaning of teeth. Power 5/5
  • standard mode . This is the mode I usually use. It is slightly more intense than the morning, ideal for regular daily cleaning. Power 4/5
  • Whitening mode . The same vibration speed is used as in the standard mode, but the amplitude of the villi movement is slightly increased. Designed to effectively remove plaque in those who smoke, frequent coffee, tea, etc. Power 4/5
  • Soft mode . Designed for people with sensitive teeth and gums, or those who are just starting to use such devices. Power 2/5

How does she clean?

The simple appearance of the bristles shouldn’t fool you: the Flow Sonic brushes your teeth far better than the most advanced hand brushes. Its head vibrates very quickly and the high frequency vibration of the bristles has a double effect. They not only sweep away impurities from the gaps between the teeth, but also whip the paste into a finely dispersed foam, which penetrates into depressions and the most inaccessible areas, washing out soft plaque from there. Moreover, the brush does everything by itself; you need to move it over the teeth slowly and practically without pressing.

Before that, I had the cheapest rotary electric brush from Oral-B. The vibration speed there is much lower (7600 rpm), so after switching to Oclean, the first time it was a little unusual and ticklish. But thanks to the presence of several modes with increasing power, it took literally a week to get used to the Flow Sonic. And now I don’t want to go back – after an ultrasonic brush, the freshness of the mouth is felt much stronger and longer than after a brush with a rotating head, not to mention the classic manual cleaning.

Oclean Flow Sonic is a solid brush that can be a great entry ticket to the world of truly high-quality teeth cleaning. It is well-made, looks good, is not afraid of water and has an excellent autonomy – you can not think about charging for almost six months. If you don’t need extra bells and whistles like smart features and phone connectivity, then this gadget will cover all your needs for years to come. Recommend.

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